Partner Mill

Below is our cooperate partner mills, hot rolled and cold rolled factories around in the world, most of them located in China

All partners are listed by random:

TISCO, YUSCO, LISCO, JISCO, POSCO, ZPSS, QPSS, Baosteel, ESS, Krupp, Shuoyang, Yongjin/YJKJ, TTSS, Tsingshan, Hongwang, Daekyung, Walsin, Baoxin, Chengde. Taishan Steel, Shandong Taijia, Baosteel Desheng, Benxi Steel / Ben Gang, Ningbo Qiyi, Fujian Dingxing / Shanghai Decent, Guangdong Baojia, Angang Steel, Guangdong Runxin, Delong Steel, Tiancheng Steel, Shengyang Metal, Haian Chainchon, Chengde Group / Guangxi Beibu Gulf New Materials, Hennan Jiuhui, LCG Metal, Yunan Tiangao, Decent China / DingXin

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