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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets

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The stainless steel decorative plate not only maintains the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the original stainless steel but also has a colorful and long-lasting color. Therefore, decorative stainless steel sheets are widely used in the construction industry, often appearing in hotel KTVs and homes. Decorative stainless steel sheets can also have different patterns, which are called embossed stainless steel sheets and etched stainless steel sheets.

Colored Stainless Steel Sheets

We can provide different grades and colored stainless steel sheets.

  • rose gold stainless steel sheets,
  • gold mirror stainless steel sheet
  • coffee gold stainless steel sheets,
  • silver stainless steel sheets,
  • wine red stainless steel sheets,
  • bronze stainless steel sheets,
  • green bronze stainless steel sheets
  • purple stainless steel sheets
  • black stainless steel sheets
  • blue stainless steel sheets
  • titanium coated stainless steel,
  • Ti Colored stainless steel sheets

If you don’t find the color you want, please let me know by email. Our company supports customization of different colors and we can provide free samples.

Classification of Ss Decorative Sheets

  • The SS Anti-Fingerprint Sheet technology is composed of coating a special coating film protection layer on the surface of the stainless steel plate. It is formed by a transparent nano metal roller coating liquid and dried to form a transparent hard solid protective film firmly combined with the surface of the stainless steel plate.
  • Huaxiao's black stainless steel sheet price may not be the lowest among the black stainless steel sheet suppliers, but we can ensure product quality and better service. We regularly inspect the goods at the factory during the production period to ensure the quality of delivery as soon as possible. Black stainless steel sheet metal can be made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, and the surface of general 304 and 316 stainless steel sheets have been specially treated to make it more durable and harder than the actual stainless steel surface.
  • The manufacturing process of a color stainless steel sheet is not simply coated a layer of color agents on the stainless steel surface, which can produce rich and vibrant colors, but it is achieved through very complex processes. At present, the method used is the acid bath oxidation coloring, generating the transparent layer of chromium oxide thin films on the stainless steel surface, which will produce different colors due to different film thickness when the light shines above.
  • Embossed stainless steel sheets are produced with quality metal. Some of the common materials used are aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel. The material used should have flexibility traits, able to endure medium to high production runs, and ability to maintain the same thickness during the embossing process. We can provide free samples of embossed stainless steel sheets. We can also customize the pattern.
  • The process of producing etched stainless steel sheets is a story of pure passion and hard work. We take pride in our team of workers who work hours to ensure the highest quality that we guarantee. We work together to give shape to a design that is built to last the test of time, with our etched stainless steel sheets. We can provide free samples of Etched Stainless Steel Sheets for your reference. If you need it now, please let me know and send you the best price.
  • HL finish stainless steel, the full name is hairline polish stainless steel, also be called brushed stainless steel, stainless steel matte, there are many kinds of names. In fact, is a stainless steel surface treatment. Huaxiao can provide bronze hairline stainless steel, black stainless steel hairline finish, gold stainless steel hairline finish, yellow hairline stainless steel, and other colors.  
  • We have exported a large number of marble stainless steel patterns overseas. Because of the beautiful appearance of the products, we have won unanimous praise from customers. We can provide customers with free samples of marble finish stainless steel laminate, support product customization in size and color, and support various inspections, and we will send professional inspectors into the factory to track product quality during production.
  • No 4 finish stainless steel plate, in Huaxiao, is collectively referred to as stainless steel decorative plate with hl stainless steel plate, embossing, etching, and laminate stainless steel plate. The decorative stainless steel surface provided by Huaxiao has various colors and patterns. If you need customized colors or patterns, Huaxiao can meet customer requirements.
  • No 8 stainless steel sheets or mirror sheet classification Common mirror stainless steel is divided into 6K, 8K, 10K. Also called ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super 10K. , 10K mirror is brighter and the thicker the more difficult to process and with higher cost.
  • Huaxiao is one of the polished stainless steel sheet suppliers, a range of stainless steel sheets in grades 304, 316, and 430, etc. finishes include Natural, Bright, Brushed, Dull Polished, Mirror, and Embossed Rigidised. For the flat polished stainless steel sheet, usually, be polished as sheets also mean the thin thickness one, but sometimes the thicker plate is need be polished for special application. And most of the plates be polished by ss sheet polishing mechanical way.
  • Bright Annealing stainless steel ba finish sheets, the difference from the 2B plate is that the annealing process is different, 2B adopts the annealing and pickling combination process, and BA is annealed under a hydrogen-protected oxygen-free environment.
  • The Stainless Steel Sandblasted finish is colored on the stainless steel sandblasting board. Stainless steel sandblasting board refers to the use of zirconium beads to process the surface of the stainless steel plate through mechanical equipment so that the surface of the plate presents a fine bead-like sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Stainless steel sandblasting decorative board use: mainly used in construction decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration and other stainless steel products.
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