Architecture & Decoration

The stainless steel plate, angle bar, U channel, other Section bars, pipe widely be used in all kinds of building, plant and others architectural as structure parts, such as elevator car structure, building crossbeam, stand column, center pillar etc.

Due to stainless steel with the rustless property, it can be processed as many kind surfaces such as NO. 4, HL, NO. 8, sandblasting, back pass. so it can be widely used for decoration, like elevator car wall, escalator wall, door, building handrail normal wall decoration/ornamental.

Elevator car
The elevator car is a box-shaped space in which elevators carry people and cargo. The car generally by the bottom of the car, car wall, car top, car door and other major components. They are important car parts to the elevator and always be produced by stainless steel, The top part is usually mirrored stainless steel; the car floor usually is 2mm thick PVC marble or marble parquet 20mm thick.

The escalator consists of a staircase and two handrails (deformed belt conveyor). Its main components are casters, traction chains and sprockets, guide rail systems, main drive systems (including motors, decelerators, brakes and intermediate transmission links) drive spindles, ladder tensioners, armrest systems, comb plates, Electrical system and so on, the handrails and cover case usually is made of stainless steel sheets or plate.

Wall decoration, Handrail, Door
In recent years, stainless steel decorative sheets, due to its unique, more and more widely used. Now, a large number of foreign countries in the building made of stainless steel decorative products, stainless steel has been all the rage. Stainless steel not only has the unique metallic luster and strength but also has a colorful, long-lasting color. Stainless steel It not only maintains the physical, chemical, mechanical properties of the primary color stainless steel but also has stronger corrosion resistance than the primary color stainless steel. Therefore, when it came out from the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building material, decoration fields.