Welcome to Huaxiao Stainless Steel, manufacture and export stainless steel coil, sheet, plate, strip and so on from China and Taiwan, by cooperate with excellent stainless steel mills, Tisco, Yusco, Lisco, Jisco, Zhangjiagang Posco, Qingdao Posco, Baosteel, Ess, Shanghai Krupp, Southwest stainless, Shuoyang, Yongjin, Tsingshan, Kunshan Daekyung, Walsin.

More than 100,000MT standing stainless steel stock can be provided and sourcing by Huaxiao in China15days delivery for regular products, we stand for you our customers.

Huaxiao is committed to supplying top-quality products, superior services to our customers, and respect for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction. We hope you enjoy visiting Huaxiao website.



FAQs & Ask the Expert

11-What’s Your Company’s Tenet?

Professional, Reliable, Efficient.

10-Do You Have Your Own Brand?

Our company always attaches great importance to Brand, and have our own brand: Huaxiao and Huaxia.

09-What Is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Usually, 1MT for sheet, plate, bar, wire, tube, strip; 2MT for coil.

08-Do You Have Products In Stock? If So, How Do You Preserve?

Yes. We have standing stock thousands in our warehouse and can sourcing more than 100,000MT stainless steel stock in China and Asia market, we know China market well.

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News & Technique Help

Price of LME Nickel On May 5

May 6, 2021|Comments Off on Price of LME Nickel On May 5

On May 5, the closing price of LME nickel was US$17,890/ton, an increase of US$245, and inventory decreased by 768 tons to 261,228 tons.

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