Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (ZPSS for short) is a professional stainless steel manufacturer jointly established by two Fortune 500 companies (South Korea POSCO Group and Jiangsu Shagang Group). The company adheres to the Pohang spirit of South Korea’s Pohang “Limited Resources, Unlimited Creativity”, and aims to create a world-class enterprise.

Since its establishment on February 15, 1997, through the continuous expansion of the first, second, and third phases to technological transformation projects, the production line has been extended from cold rolling to stainless steel smelting, continuous casting, and hot rolling, with 1 million tons of crude steel per year, The production capacity of 800,000 tons/year of hot rolled coil and 600,000 tons/year of cold rolled coil.

The company’s main equipment is imported from the world’s leading technology companies in the United States, Switzerland, France, Germany and other countries. The production process is controlled by international leading network technology, and the development of MES, Level-2 and other production control technologies is focused.

The company’s product quality and service quality have reached the world’s leading level. The cold-rolled stainless steel sheet is a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province. The company has 2,000 employees, total assets of nearly 10 billion, and accumulated taxes and fees of over 10 billion. In 2011, its turnover exceeded 16 billion.

The company implements humanized management, actively develops employee education, and cultivates a group of world-class employees; the company is committed to employee welfare and creates a Pohang family atmosphere.

As a successful model for Zhangjiagang and even the country’s foreign-funded enterprises, it has won the central and provincial Affirmation and support from the leadership. Won various honors for many times, and was awarded as Jiangsu Province Labor Security Integrity Demonstration Enterprise in 2011.