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Stainless Steel Strip

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Precision stainless steel strip: 0.01-5mm, etc.

Cold rolled stainless steel strip:0.3-3mm, etc.

Hot rolled stainless steel strip:3mm-50mm, etc.

Length:1000-6000mm or as your requirement

Width:1000-2000mm or as your requirement

Cold size:1000*2000mm,1200*2440mm,1219*2438mm,1219*3048mm,1250*2500mm, or as your requirement

Hot size:1500*3000mm,1500*6000, or as your requirement

Cold surface:2B ,BA,HL,8K, No.4, etc.

Hot surface: NO.1

Brand name:TISCO,JISCO,Bao Steel, etc.

If you want to know the stainless steel strip price quickly, please click here for the stainless steel strip price.

And Custom Stainless Steel Strip, please send us your drawings or your requirements.

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