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Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet

Cold-rolled 301 stainless steel sheet is a high-strength austenitic steel with excellent corrosion resistance. It is found in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and transportation industries. Huaxiao Metal is proud to supply worldwide. We look forward to becoming one of your 301 stainless steel sheet suppliers and looking forward to your inquiry!

Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet (0.2mm-3mm) Supplier | Manufacturer | Exporter

Huaxiao stainless steel stock now includes Alloy 301 (UNS S30100) plate with short lead times. The grade is listed in three states: 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, and full hard. Looking forward to becoming one of your suppliers of 301 stainless steel sheets.

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301 Stainless Steel Sheet Available Sizes

Thickness: 0.2mm – 3.0mm

Width: 600mm – 2000mm, Or customized according to customer requirements

Length: Customized according to customer requirements

Finish: 2B,2D, BA, 2BA, No.8, HL, No.4, etc.

Huaxiao Metal is one of the leading Cold Rolled China 301 stainless steel sheet manufacturers, if you need any stainless steel sheet prices, please feel free to contact us.

Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet Data Sheet


  • ASTM/ASME: UNS S30100
  • EURONORM: X 12 CrNi 17 7
  • DIN: 1.4310

Chemical Properties(%):

0.15 Max16.0-18.06.0-8.01.0 Max2.0 Max0.045 Max0.030 Max0.10 Max

Mechanical Properties:

Grade/TemperTensile Strength ksi (min.)Yield Strength 0.2% ksi (min.)Elongation -% in 50 mm (min.)
301 1/4 Hard1257525
301 1/2 Hard15011018
301 Full Hard1851409

Physical Properties:

Here are some physical properties of 301 stainless steel sheets presented in a table:

Physical PropertyValue
Density7.93 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³)
Melting PointApproximately 1400°C
Thermal Conductivity16.3 watts per meter-kelvin (W/(m·K))
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion16.6 x 10^-6/°C (20°C)
Modulus of Elasticity193 gigapascals (GPa)
Rockwell Hardness (C Scale)260 HRB
Electrical Conductivity16.2 x 10^6 hertz per meter (S/m) at 20°C
Magnetic PropertiesNon-magnetic

These values are general reference figures, and actual physical properties may vary depending on the manufacturing process and treatment conditions. 301 stainless steel is a stainless steel alloy known for its good corrosion resistance and strength, commonly used in various applications such as automotive parts, kitchen appliances, electronic equipment, and more.

Characteristics of Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet

Certainly, here are five key characteristics of cold-rolled 301 stainless steel sheets:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Cold-rolled 301 stainless steel exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in environments with exposure to moisture, chemicals, and corrosive substances.
  2. High Strength: It has a high tensile strength, providing robust structural integrity and load-bearing capacity for various applications.
  3. Cold Workability: Cold-rolled 301 stainless steel is highly malleable and can be easily cold-formed, bent, and fabricated into desired shapes without sacrificing its mechanical properties.
  4. Low-Temperature Performance: This material retains its mechanical properties even at low temperatures, making it suitable for cryogenic applications.
  5. Weldability: Cold rolled 301 stainless steel can be welded using common methods like TIG and MIG welding, although post-weld annealing may be required to restore its corrosion resistance.

These characteristics make cold-rolled 301 stainless steel sheets a versatile choice for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Application of Cold Rolled 301 Stainless Steel Sheet

Here are five common applications of cold rolled 301 stainless steel sheets:

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  1. Automotive Components: Cold rolled 301 stainless steel is used in various automotive parts such as trim, exhaust systems, and brackets due to its corrosion resistance and high strength.
  2. Kitchen Appliances: It is employed in the manufacturing of kitchen appliances like sinks, cookware, and refrigerator panels for its durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Fasteners: Cold rolled 301 stainless steel is a popular choice for making fasteners such as screws, bolts, and nuts due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile strength.
  4. Electronics: It finds application in the electronics industry for producing components like connectors, springs, and shielding due to its electrical conductivity and formability.
  5. Aerospace: In aerospace applications, cold rolled 301 stainless steel is used in the fabrication of aircraft structural components and fasteners, benefiting from its strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.

These applications showcase the versatility of cold rolled 301 stainless steel in industries where corrosion resistance, strength, and formability are critical requirements.

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