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Anti-Finger Stainless Steel Sheets

Anti-Finger Stainless Steel Sheets

The SS Anti-Fingerprint Sheet technology is composed of coating a special coating film protection layer on the surface of the stainless steel plate. It is formed by a transparent nano metal roller coating liquid and dried to form a transparent hard solid protective film firmly combined with the surface of the stainless steel plate.

Huaxiao Provide Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheets

Grades:201,304,430 anti fingerprint stainless steel sheets,etc.

Surface: NO.1, 2B, HL, Mirror, Emboss, Etch, etc.

Thickness: 0.3mm-30mm,etc.

Sizes: can be customized.

Package: According to customer’s requirements.

Samples: Free samples of anti fingerprint stainless steel sheets.

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Introduction to Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet

Anti-finger stainless steel sheet is obtained after grinding, stretching, polishing, mirror surface, titanium/copper coating, and other anti-fingerprint treatments of stainless steel plate or stainless steel coil. Anti-fingerprint stainless steel means that on its surface, fingerprint marks will be lighter than other anti-fingerprint treatments, and there will be no stains on the surface.

The SS Anti-Fingerprint Sheet technology is composed of coating a special anti fingerprint coating on stainless steel protection layer on the surface of the stainless steel sheet. It is formed by a transparent nano metal roller coating liquid and dried to form a transparent hard solid protective film firmly combined with the surface of the stainless steel sheet. The height directly affects the weather resistance, aesthetics, and pollution resistance of stainless steel.

Anti-Finger Stainless Steel

Please refer to the test results and processability below of Anti-Finger Stainless Steel
TestStandardsAcrylic AFP CoatingNano Ceramic AFP Coating
Pencil Gouge/ Scratch HardnessASTM D3363-00/ JIS 56002H6H
Salt Solution Spray TestASTM B117-09/ JIS Z 23171000hrs↑6H
Solvent ResistanceJIS K 6744No Defect after MEK 100 timesNo Defect after MEK 300 times
Bending(180°)JIS K 6744/ ASTM D145PassPass
ImpactASTM D4145PassPass
AdhesionJIS K 5400/ ASTM D3359100/100100/100

Application of Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet

Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet, can be used in elevators, anti-theft doors, car interiors, hotel decorations, home appliances, aerospace equipment, medical equipment, lighting, furniture, etc. Generally used in high-end bathroom cabinets, cabinets, and other cabinets.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel applied to the kitchen

AISI 430 stainless steel

The material is made of a hard national standard high-quality stainless steel plate, which is processed through dozens of processes such as cutting, pressing, bending, forming, welding, oiling, sand drawing, etc.

Finally, the world’s most advanced special anti-finger sheet processing technology is applied to the surface, which is beautiful, high-quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, resistant, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, not easy to leave fingerprints, good abrasion resistance, and quality is far superior For ordinary stainless steel plates.

Features: The domestic first SS Anti Fingerprint Sheet technology processing technology, the process of Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet, completely change the always cold and dull flaws of stainless steel.

It has the advantages of novelty, environmental protection, durability, strong stereoscopic effect, hygienic and beautiful, etc. The visual effect loved by consumers.

The advantages of Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheets are visual beauty, high quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-strike, anti-pressure, anti-scratch, and no fingerprints.

Advantages of Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet Technology

Non-fingerprint technology is generally more expensive due to special processing, but the price-performance ratio is higher. The fingerprint-free technology solves the problem of layers of fingerprints left on the smooth ss surface in the past. Once fingerprints are left on the stainless steel surface, it is easy to absorb more dust and make the surface lose its luster.

Anti-Fingerprint Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet is easy to remove a layer of metal plating from the surface of stainless steel for a long time. Products that use anti-finger technology are not only beautiful but also durable and more durable than ordinary stainless plated products.

They maintain the shiny surface when they are just purchased. They are especially new and extend the useful life of the furniture. And it reduces the time for daily maintenance and does not need to be wiped after use like ordinary surfaces.

What are the characteristics of water-based anti-fingerprint oil and oily anti-fingerprint oil? What’s the difference?
First of all, the characteristics of water-based anti-fingerprint oil:

The water-based anti-fingerprint oil uses acrylic emulsion as the main component. The main feature is that it has good adhesion and will not deepen the color of the metal, but it has poor wear resistance and chemical resistance, soft film hardness, poor fullness, and general overall performance. Poor film formation is easy to produce defects in construction.

Because of its low cost and low technical content, it is the main product that most low-end water-based anti-fingerprint companies put on the market. This is why most people think that water-based anti-fingerprint oil is not good.

stainless-steel-coil-sheet- Factory - Warehouse_0010

stainless-steel-coil-sheet- Factory – Warehouse_0010

Secondly, the characteristics of oily anti-fingerprint oil:

The oily anti-fingerprint oil has high transparency, thin-film layer, good paint film hardness, large coating construction area, salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, the thin coating does not stain, the thick coating does not leave, does not stick, does not stick Gray, non-sticky, non-glossy, comprehensive performance beyond water-oil-based anti-fingerprint oil.

It is the backbone of the development of PetroChina’s anti-fingerprint oil. High fullness, high hardness of the paint film, long service life, and obvious advantages in color matching. It is a high-end product in oily anti-fingerprint oil.

How to do anti-fingerprint treatment of stainless steel?

With the rapid development of today’s society and economy, many products have appeared around us. Fingerprints can help us, but also bring convenience. So in the 21st century today, many new unlocking methods such as fingerprint unlocking and fingerprint recognition have emerged. Now there are a lot of people around us who will use fingerprints to identify people. The use of fingerprints will leave traces, which is a problem in terms of hygiene and beauty. At this time, the production of anti-fingerprint oil solves many of our problems. It prevents fingerprints from leaving traces, thereby allowing people to understand all aspects of fingerprints. The application is better protected.

Anti fingerprint stainless steel oil is a kind of fluorine-containing coating prepared from fluorosilicone resin with a special structure. It is a transparent, colorless, and odorless liquid. The oral term of chemists is generally heptafluorodecyl triethoxysilane, which is based on The product is named after a combination of molecular structures. It has effective anti-fingerprint, anti-rust, self-cleaning, thin-film, non-sticky, non-sticky, non-sticky, non-sticky, good light transmission, good hand feeling, non-sagging, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, insulation, acid-proof And other properties, the surface treated with anti-fingerprint oil usually has the following characteristics: ultra-thin coating, excellent anti-fouling performance, and excellent smoothness. Anti-fingerprint oil is often used in the following areas:

1. Anti fingerprint stainless steel can be used for surface protection of plexiglass, polycarbonate, optical lens, display screen, liquid crystal panel, touch panel, mobile phone screen, etc.

2. Anti fingerprint stainless steel can be used for hydrophobic anti-rust protection of metal steel, iron, copper, and aluminum products.

In the 21st century today, many anti-fingerprint oil manufacturers produce anti-fingerprint oils that not only have very good film performance but also take into account the environmental protection process and have very good metals. Texture and good fingerprint effect are some of the very important reasons why many people choose anti-fingerprint oil in people’s lives.

Anti-fingerprint oil, we will choose products that have excellent performance such as anti-fingerprint, abrasion and scratch resistance, adhesion, film-forming thinness, light transmittance, etc., and finally are not easy to adhere to fingerprints and other pollutants, easy to clean and manage, and can be maintained for a long time. quality. Now we need to add antibacterial. We are willing to choose antibacterial in all aspects of our lives, especially those with children, the elderly and pregnant women, because the resistance is relatively weak, and antibacterial can be more effective for protection.

Do a good job of anti-fingerprint treatment, choose a professional and honest anti fingerprint stainless steel sheets manufacturer, choose Shanghai Huaxiao Metal Material Co., Ltd.

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