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Stainless Steel Coil

Stainless Steel Coil Shape

Stainless steel coils, sometimes are called stainless steel roll, stainless steel volumes, it is one of the general shapes in the stainless steel material field. The stainless steel flat material will be made as coils when the thickness is thin to be rolled, usually, the thin point thickness is 16mm. In coil status, the stainless steel material is convenient and efficient to be loading, unloading, stored, transported. Currently, most of the flat stainless steel material be produced from the mill as coil shape, especially cold rolled serial, in coil shape the material can be protected well.

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As Ss Coil Supplier and Factory, Huaxiao can Custom Stainless Steel Plates for different sizes and colors, etc.

Stainless Steel Coil Surfaces: No.1, 2B, Polished, Color Coated, etc.

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