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Cold Rolled 321 Stainless Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled 321 Stainless Steel Sheet

Looking for reliable and high-quality 321 Stainless Steel Sheet Suppliers? Look no further! Our 321 stainless steel sheets are made with the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ensuring exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and overall performance. Trust us to provide you with the best products and services for your industrial or commercial needs.

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321 stainless steel contains 17-19% chromium, 9-12% nickel, and 0.08% max carbon, and includes titanium as a stabilizing element (5 times the carbon content or 0.70% max).

As one of the leading 321 stainless steel sheet suppliers in China, we take great pride in providing our customers with top-quality products that meet their specific needs and requirements. Our sheets are manufactured using advanced technology and are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards.

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321 Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier

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321 Stainless Steel Sheet  Specification

  • Thickness: 0.05mm – 8.0mm, etc. For thicker plates, check out Hot Rolled 321 Stainless Steel Plates!
  • Width: 300mm – 2,000mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products
  • Length: 1000 mm-6,000 mm, etc.
  • Finish: 2B/2D/BA/NO.8, etc.
  • Workability: Easy to Weld, Cut, Form, and Machine with proper equipment.
  • Service: Cut to sizes as custom requests and free samples.
  • Protective Film: PVC, PE, Laser protective film, etc.
  • Mill/Brand: Tisco, Lisco, Posco, Baosteel, Jisco, etc.
  • Contact us for 321 stainless steel sheets price
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321 Stainless Steel Sheet Data Sheet

Equivalent Material of 321 Stainless Steel  Sheet

  • ASTM 321/321H Sheets
  • UNS S32100/S32109 Sheets
  • EN number: 1.4541 Sheets
  • China GB: 0Cr18Ni10Ti
  • Japanese JIS: SUS321
  • Germany: X10CrNiTi189

321 Stainless Steel Sheet Chemical Composition(%)

0.08% max0.75% max2.0% max0.045% max0.03% max17.0 – 19.0%9.0 – 12.0%0.1% max

Mechanical Properties

Tensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2% Offset)ElongationHardness (Rockwell B)
515 – 720 MPa (74,700 – 104,400 psi)205 – 275 MPa (29,700 – 39,900 psi)40% min85 max

Physical Properties

DensityMelting PointSpecific Heat CapacityThermal ConductivityElectrical ResistivityModulus of Elasticity (Young’s Modulus)
7.93 g/cm³ (0.286 lb/in³)1398 – 1420°C (2550 – 2590°F)0.50 J/g°C (0.12 Btu/lb°F)16.3 W/m°C (113 Btu-in/h-ft²-°F)72 µΩ-cm (28.5 µΩ-in) at 20°C (68°F)193 GPa (28 x 10^6 psi)

Heat Treatment

321 stainless steel is typically heat treated to enhance its mechanical properties and achieve the desired balance of strength and corrosion resistance. The heat treatment process for 321 stainless steel usually involves annealing and/or solution annealing. Here’s an overview of the typical heat treatment process:

Annealing (Solution Annealing):
  1. Heating: Heat the material to a temperature range of 950°C to 1050°C (1742°F to 1922°F) for a sufficient time to ensure uniformity throughout the material.
  2. Soaking: Hold the material at an elevated temperature for a period of time to allow for the complete dissolution of any carbides or other precipitates.
  3. Cooling: Rapidly quench the material in water or air to room temperature. This process prevents the formation of harmful phases and ensures the material remains in the austenitic phase.

The purpose of annealing is to restore the material’s corrosion resistance and ductility while minimizing the formation of chromium carbides that can lead to intergranular corrosion.

Stress Relief Annealing:

For parts that have undergone extensive forming, welding, or machining, a stress-relief annealing process can be applied.

  1. Heating: Heat the material to a temperature range of 450°C to 800°C (842°F to 1472°F).
  2. Soaking: Maintain the temperature for a sufficient time to relieve residual stresses without significantly affecting the material’s properties.
  3. Cooling: Air cooling or furnace cooling to room temperature.

Stress relief annealing helps to reduce internal stresses that might have developed during processing.

It’s important to note that specific heat treatment parameters can vary based on the material’s thickness, geometry, and intended application. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or relevant industry standards for precise heat treatment instructions for 321 stainless steel.

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Why choose Huaxiao from China 321  Stainless Steel Sheet Suppliers and Manufacturers?

As one of the professional 321 stainless steel sheet suppliers in China, Huaxiao Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. provides high-quality 321 stainless steel plates. Our 321 stainless steel sheet is widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as knives, medical devices, aerospace and auto parts, food processing equipment, and more.

1. Guarantee Product Quality

We have been a stainless steel sheet manufacturer for more than ten years, and we strictly control the quality of our products. Before the customer places an order, we will send the product warranty to the customer, or if some customers need samples for testing, we can also send samples for free.

During production, we will measure the diameter, thickness, and whether there is any damage on the product’s surface.

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2. Delivery On Time

Our standard delivery time is 7-15 days, except for some special-size products, our delivery time will increase to 20 days.
Our delivery time is strictly in accordance with the contract.

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3. Support Inspection

  • Support the customer’s third-party organization to go to the factory for inspection
  • Support free sending samples to customers for testing
  • Support on-site or video factory inspection

4. Stainless Steel 321 Sheet Price

The price of the product is related to many factors, we do not have a direct price list for your reference.
If you need a specific 321 stainless steel sheet price, please send me the specific size and quantity, the more the quantity, the better the price!

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Application of China 321 Stainless Steel Sheet

321 stainless steel sheets find application in a variety of industries due to their excellent combination of corrosion resistance, high-temperature stability, and mechanical properties. Some common applications of China 321 stainless steel sheets include:

  1. Aerospace Industry: Parts and components for aircraft engines and exhaust systems due to the alloy’s ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments.
  2. Chemical Processing: Equipment such as reactors, columns, and pipes in chemical processing plants where resistance to corrosive chemicals and high-temperature oxidation is crucial.
  3. Oil and Gas Industry: Used in offshore platforms, pipelines, and equipment exposed to corrosive seawater and high-temperature conditions.
  4. Heat Exchangers: Used in the fabrication of heat exchanger tubes and plates that require resistance to both high temperatures and corrosive fluids.
  5. Automotive Exhaust Systems: Exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters where high-temperature oxidation resistance and durability are important.
  6. Food and Beverage Industry: Parts of processing equipment, tanks, and piping systems that require corrosion resistance in acidic or chloride-rich environments.
  7. Medical Equipment: Some medical devices and equipment require stainless steel with good corrosion resistance for sterilization processes.
  8. Welded Components: 321 stainless steel’s resistance to intergranular corrosion makes it suitable for welded structures that might be exposed to corrosive environments.
  9. Furnace Parts: Used in industrial furnaces and ovens where high-temperature oxidation resistance is essential.
  10. Construction and Architecture: Decorative elements, exterior cladding, and structural components where a combination of aesthetics and corrosion resistance is desired.
  11. Power Generation: Components in power plants, including boiler tubes and high-temperature piping, where corrosion resistance and thermal stability are critical.
  12. Pulp and Paper Industry: Used in equipment like digesters, bleachers, and evaporators where resistance to corrosive chemicals and high temperatures is needed.

It’s important to note that the suitability of 321 stainless steel for a specific application depends on factors such as the nature of the environment, temperature, mechanical loads, and more.

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Package of 321 Stainless Steel Sheet

When exporting 321 stainless steel plates, it is necessary to ensure that the material is properly protected from damage during transportation. The following are the export packages of stainless steel plates commonly used by our company.

wooden frame, waterproof paper, angle steel

Steel frame: Fix the stainless steel sheet around the steel frame. These sheets are stacked and secured with metal straps. Steel frame provides extra protection during transport.

It is important that information such as material type, size, weight, and any handling instructions are clearly marked on the packaging. This will help ensure that materials are properly handled in transit and arrive at their destination intact.

The conventional export packaging is as follows. If customers need other packaging methods, we are very happy to cooperate and look forward to cooperating with you.

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321 Stainless Steel Sheet Suppliers

321 VS 347 Stainless Steel

  • The primary difference between 321 and 347 stainless steel is the stabilizing element they use (titanium vs. niobium) to prevent sensitization and intergranular corrosion.
  • 347 stainless steel is generally considered more effective in preventing sensitization in high-temperature applications.
  • Both alloys have similar mechanical properties, with some differences due to the presence of niobium in 347 stainless steel.

When choosing between 321 and 347 stainless steel for a specific application, it’s important to consider factors like temperature, corrosion resistance requirements, and potential exposure to sensitization. Consulting with stainless steel suppliers or referring to relevant industry standards can help ensure the best choice for your specific needs.

In Summary

As one of the professional 321 stainless steel sheet suppliers in China, Huaxiao Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. provides high-quality 321 stainless steel plates. Our 321 stainless steel plate is widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as knives, medical devices, aerospace and auto parts, food processing equipment, and more.

Our 321 Stainless Steel Plate conforms to ASTM 321 and can be supplied in various sizes and thicknesses. We use advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the production of high-quality products. Our manufacturing process undergoes strict quality control, which guarantees that each product complies with international standards.

In addition to quality products, we also provide excellent customer service. Our sales team has rich experience and expertise to provide customers with customized solutions and meet their needs. We also offer fast delivery and flexible order handling, ensuring customers get what they need in the shortest possible time.

Huaxiao is one of the leading 321 stainless steel sheet suppliers in China and is committed to providing customers with high-quality stainless steel products and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. If you need 321 stainless steel plates or other stainless steel products, please contact our sales team for more information.

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