Stainless Steel Round Bars

Stainless Steel Round Bars

304L stainless steel round bar is a low carbon content of 304 stainless steel variants, for welding occasions.

Sample of Stainless Steel Round Bar

General Description of stainless steel round bar
  • A round bar is a general shape in the stainless steel industry, is a solid round bar with a circular section. Its specifications in diameter, usually expressed in millimeters (mm), such as “50mm” means that the diameter of 50mm round bar.
  • Ss round Bar usually includes 3 processes ways, hot-rolled, forged, and cold-drawn t. Hot-rolled bar specifications for the 5.5-250 mm.
  • Forged for more than 250mm diameter bar, cold drawn for below 50mmsize, 5.5-25 mm small round mostly straight bundles be supplied, and commonly used as steel, bolts and various mechanical parts; more than 25 mm of round steel, mainly for the manufacture of mechanical parts, seamless steel tube blank, etc.
  • Grades: 201/310/304/316/2205 round bar, etc.

Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless round bar application

Mainly used for aircraft engine blades, casing, fasteners, combustion chamber, disk, shaft, combustion chamber wall, liquid oxygen kerosene engine, projectile, steam bottle, propulsion device. Widely used in aerospace, aviation, nuclear energy, nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical industry, and food, environmental protection, marine development, boiler heat exchanger, and other fields.

General grade stainless steel round bar feature
310S stainless steel round bar

310S stainless steel is austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, 310S has much better creep strength, continuous operation at high temperatures, with good high-temperature resistance.

316L stainless steel round bar

cold-rolled products look good gloss, beautiful; due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance, especially excellent pitting corrosion resistance; Excellent high-temperature strength; excellent work hardening (weak magnetic processing)non-magnetic state of the solution;

316 stainless steel round bar

316 stainless steel is the second widely be used grade after 304, mainly for the food industry and surgical equipment, due to the addition of Mo, so its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, and high-temperature strength is particularly good, Can be used in harsh conditions; excellent work hardening (non-magnetic).

321 stainless steel round bar

Add Ti element in 304 steel to prevent grain boundary corrosion, suitable for 430 ℃-900 ℃ temperature use. In addition to the titanium added to reduce the risk of material corrosion of the weld other properties similar to 304.

Ss 304L round bar

304L stainless steel round bar is a low carbon content of 304 stainless steel variants, for welding occasions. The lower carbon content minimizes the precipitation of carbides in the heat-affected zone adjacent to the weld, and the precipitation of carbides can cause stainless steel to cause intergranular corrosion (weld erosion) in some environments

Ss 304 round bar

304 stainless steel is the most widely used chromium-nickel stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature strength, and mechanical properties. Corrosion in the atmosphere, if it is an industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted area, you need to be promptly cleaned to avoid corrosion.

Package of Stainless Round Bars

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