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Precision Stainless Steel

Precision Stainless Steel Supplier | Manufacturer | Exporter

Huaxiao Metal has more than 15 years of experience in exporting precision stainless steel coils and strips to various parts of the world including Mexico, Canada, Germany and Australia.

  • Four-column 20-roller mill, with advanced AGC thickness automatic control and AFC straightness automatic control. The slant feature of this mill is more conducive to straightness control. The coiler is driven by a double motor, which can precisely control the tension during rolling. It provides a full range of guarantees for rolling high-strength and high precision stainless steel strips. The thickness control accuracy is up to 0.001mm, It is one of the most advanced mills in the world.
  • We can provide precision stainless steel sheets in different grades and sizes. We have a professional factory and advanced machinery and equipment. We can deliver products within 7-15 days after the customers order them. If you need precision stainless steel sheets, please free to contact me.
  • Compare to normal cold rolled stainless strip, hot rolled stainless steel strip, the precision stainless steel strip need more process flow, the main important step is Tension Annealing(TA line), size tolerance control, so the precision always higher labor costs and value, also with higher technology requirement, experience, equipment. Huaxiao can provide Free samples, Support customers on-site or video factory inspections, provide MTC, and other documents required by customers.
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