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Stainless Steel Flat Bars

Stainless Steel Flat Bars

Huaxiao offers a wide range of high-quality stainless steel flat bar products in 304 and 316 stainless steel. Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, we can quickly meet your project specifications.

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Why choose Huaxiao stainless flat bars?

  • Flat bar stainless metal custom size
  • Free flat bar stainless samples
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  • Experience in producing flat bar stainless metal
  • stainless flat bar stock, etc.

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Huaxiao capacity about stainless flat bar

Thickness: 3mm-40mm, 1/8″ – 5/8″, etc.

Width: 20mm-120mm, 1″ – 4.1/2″, etc.

Standard: ASTM A276/484M ,EN 10058/DIN 1017,EN 10278/DIN 174

Grade: 201,304 ,316,316L,310s, 303 stainless steel flat bar, etc

Finish: NO.4,HL,2B,bright,NO.1,mill finish, No.8, BA, etc

General Description of stainless steel flat bar

The stainless steel flat bar is rectangular and slightly steel. Stainless steel flat bar can be semi-finished steel. Include cold drawn stainless steel flat and hot rolled stainless steel flat.

Stainless steel flat bar application

  • Stainless steel flat bar is used as a different structure composed according to a variety of force components but also used for the connection between the steel structural components. Widely used in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting transport machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks, and warehouse shelves.
  • Stainless steel flat bar is also used in construction as a bridge, frames, fences, power transmission ships, vehicles, and so on. Raw material billets for the production of stainless steel flat bars are square billets.

The appearance quality of the stainless flat bar

304 stainless steel plate price,304 stainless steel

  • Stainless steel flat bar surface quality standards in the provisions of the general requirements shall not exist the use of harmful defects, such as stratification, scarring, cracks, and so on.
  • The allowable range of geometric deviations is also specified in the standard and generally includes curvatures, edge widths, edge thicknesses, apex angles, theoretical weights, etc., and provides for significant torsion.
General Inspection Specifications about stainless flat bar
  • GB / T2101-89(General Requirements for Acceptance, Packaging, Marking, and Quality Certificates of Section Steel);
  • GB9787-88 / GB9788-88 (Dimensions, Shape, Weight, and Permissible Deviation of Hot Rolling);
  • JISG3192-94 (Shape of Hot-, Size, weight, and tolerance);
  • DIN17100-80 (general structural steel quality standards);
  • 535-88 (ordinary carbon steel technical conditions).

According to the above standards, should be bundled and delivered, and the lanes and the length of the bundle should meet the requirements. Generally naked delivery, transportation, and storage should pay attention to moisture.

Chemical Composition Inspection stainless flat bar

  • Component Index: The chemical composition of stainless steel flat steel is a general structure of rolled steel series, the main test indicators for C, Mn, P, S four. According to the different grades, the content is different, the general range of C <0.08%, Mn: 2.0, P <0.035%, S <0.03%.
  • Test methods: When testing the above chemical composition, the commonly used standard test methods are GB223, JISG1211-1215, BS1837, BS Manual 19, ГОСТ22536, and so on.

Mechanical property Inspection stainless steel flat bar

Inspection method:
  • Tensile test method. Commonly used standard test methods are GB / T228-87, JISZ2201, JISZ2241, ASTMA370, ГОСТ1497, BS18, DIN50145, and so on;
  • bending test method. Commonly used standard test methods are GB / T232-88, JISZ2204, JISZ2248, ASTME290, ГОСТ14019, DIN50111, and so on.
  • Performance Index: The test items of performance evaluation mainly include the tensile test and bending test. Indicators include yield point, tensile strength, elongation, and bending qualified items.

how to bend stainless steel flat bar

Bending of stainless steel bars and flats

Round bars, flat bars, sheets, and sheets can be bent using bending machines, bending machines, or ring rolling mills. Bending should be completed quickly due to work hardening. Some overbend will be required to counteract the spring back of the bend.

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