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409/409L Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

409/409L Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

Hot-rolled 409 409L stainless steel coil is a stainless steel coil commonly used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of automotive exhaust systems, stoves, chemical equipment, and construction materials. This type of stainless steel coil usually has good corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance.

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409 409L Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coils, 409 Stainless Steel Suppliers-Huaxiao Metal

409 and 409L stainless steel coil is a hot-rolled stainless steel product commonly used in automobile exhaust systems, tableware, kitchen utensils, and other applications. They have good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties and are suitable for high temperatures and corrosive environments.

These rolls are usually supplied in different specifications and sizes to suit the requirements of different uses. To find suppliers of 409 and 409L hot-rolled stainless steel coils or to get more relevant price information, you can contact us directly, we are one of the stainless steel suppliers in China!

Huaxiao Capacity about 409 409L Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil, 409 409L HRC

Thickness1.2mm – 16mm, AS PER CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT
FinishNO.1, 1D, #1, hot rolled finished, black, Anneal and pickling, mill finish, etc.
Coils HardnessHalf Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard
Payment termsL/C, T/T
PackagingWooden pallets, waterproof paper, AS PER CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT
Place of OriginChina (Mainland)
EdgeMill Edge or Slit Edge

409L hot rolled stainless, 409 stainless steel suppliers

For more details, please free to contact us for 409/409L stainless steel coil price and others. All products are 100% inspected.

Hot Rolled 409L/409 Stainless Steel Data Sheet

ASME SA 240 Stainless Steel 409/409L Coils Chemical Composition

SS 4090. -10.5 0.75-6x C
SS 409L0. -10.50.75-6(C+N)

Stainless Steel 409/409L Coils Equivalent Grades

SS 4091.4512409S40900Z3CT12409 S 19SUS 409
SS 409L1.4512409LS40903SUS 409L

Stainless Steel 409/409L Coils Mechanical Properties

GradesTensile Strength(MPa) minYield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) minElongation (% in 50mm) minRockwell B (HRB) maxBrinell (HB) max
SS 409 / 409L4502402575131

Features about 409 409L Stainless Steel

As 409 stainless steel suppliers, We can tell you the 409/409L stainless steel has Corrosion resistance, heat resistance, welding performance, and low cost compared to 304 316L.

409 409L Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Coil Application

409L stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for extending the life of vehicles and car lightweight, and as recycling of environmentally friendly materials, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, and other major automobile manufacturers in the exhaust system 100% stainless steel. The car exhaust system will be produced by the car engine’s high-temperature, high-speed combustion exhaust gas treatment, it is discharged from the car outside. The main function of the exhaust system is to reduce vibration and noise, and after the exhaust gas is burned, it is converted to clean gas.

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Automotive exhaust systems are the longest component of automotive components that withstand extreme temperature changes (-20 to 850° C) and high-frequency, high-velocity, high-frequency exhaust gas vibrations that are the most variable and most in-vehicle 409L can withstand the temperature limit (-20 ~ 650° C). Recently, due to increasingly stringent vehicle exhaust standards for the environment, increased driving in short-distance urban areas, and the spread of winter snow-removing agents, the use standards of exhaust systems have also become more and more stringent.

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Conventional steel cannot meet its requirements from the European-Euro standard Technical requirements, the high-end motorcycle exhaust system has been used the 409L material. 409L stainless steel for each vehicle is 35KGS-65KGS.

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