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Precision Stainless Steel Coil

Precision Stainless Steel Coil
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Sample of Precision Stainless Steel Coil

4 column 20-high rolling mill

Four column 20-roller mill, with advanced AGC thickness automatic control and AFC straightness automatic control. The slant feature of this mill is more conducive to straightness control. The coiler is driven by a double motor, which can precisely control the tension during rolling. It provides a full range of guarantee for rolling high-strength and high-precision strip. The thickness control accuracy up to ± 0.001mm, It is one of the most advanced mills in the world.

All H2 BA Line for precision stainless steel coil

Our bright annealing line is the first full hydrogen vertical muffle annealing furnace in China. Dewpoint be controlled below -55℃, full hydrogen protection and precise tension control to ensure the strip surface quality and performance well after annealing.

All H2 Bell Type Annealing Furnace

Full hydrogen gas, precise temperature control, effectively eliminate the internal stress and work hardening rolling, to obtain good cold working performance, to ensure the stability of the coil after annealing, providing a powerful guarantee for the production of high-carbon martensite.

Precision stainless steel coil Leveler Equipment

Twenty-three roller straightening machine, the minimum roll diameter is 12mm, a unique process tension control device to effectively improve the strip straightness and mechanical properties, the straightness can up to 1IU.

Longitudinal cutting Equipment

The cut strip minimum width is3mm, the tolerance is ±0.015mm. The leveler can cut hardening strip whose strength reaches to 2100 N/mm2. Trimming different dimension strips according to customer's requirements.

Burr-free and full round edge Equipment

According to customers requirements,  to produce different edge shape of the strip below is the edge shape, square edges, square with round edges, round edges and other customized edges, to meet different customer needs.
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