201 Cold Rolling:

Yesterday, the Qingshan agent quoted the April spot J1: 8800-9000, J2: 8200-8400 basis; the Beigang agent quoted spot J1: 8650-8700 basis, J5: 8050-8100 basis, and the Chengde agent quoted J5 issue Spot price is 8050 basis. In the morning spot market, Hongwang, Beigang, Chengde J1, etc. quoted 8600-8900 yuan/ton basis including tax; Hongwang J2, Beigang, and Chengde J5 quoted 8050-8250 yuan/ton basis including tax.

In the morning of the market, the high level of Qingshan agent was flat, but traders were still chasing the high of 50-100. The overall market price was high, but the transaction volume was still lagging. In the later period, the transaction was facilitated by the transaction discount of 20-50.

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304 Cold Rolling:

Yesterday, many agents from Qingshan called for a discussion. Market spot quotation including tax: AEON, Hongwang, Ruipu, Delong, Beigang, Chengde, Yongjin, and other mainstream quotations are 13180-13450 basis; in the morning, the Qingshan agent did not call for negotiation, and the market traders maintained the high level of the previous day. Some parts are still chasing highs around 50, with mainstream prices such as De’Longhi going to around 13200 bases, and Qingshan’s similar resources going to 13250-13300 bases.

After the trading quieted down, some discounts of 20 led to transactions, with De’Longhi and others going to 13180 On the basis, some Qingshan stocks were sold at the same low level as 13220 basis. In the afternoon, many card slots were still for sale in the market, and trading remained quiet. Half an hour before the market closed, De’Longhi suspended order taking, and some market discounts were canceled and the market closed back to 13,200 bases.

430 Stainless:

Yesterday, the 430 market’s hot and cold rolling prices remained flat, and the transaction volume remained negotiable. The current mainstream quotations in the market: 410S hot-rolled black leather is at 6100-6200 yuan/ton; 430 hot-rolled black leather is at 6600-6700 yuan/ton; TISCO/Jiugang 430/2B (gross) is at 8000-8050 yuan/ton; Lianzhong 430/2BA (gross) is around 7800-7900 yuan/ton;

Hongwang 430/2BA (gross) is around 7800-7850 yuan/ton; Yongjin 430/BA (gross) is around 8450 yuan/ton; Shangg 430/ton BA (gross) is around 8,350 yuan/ton; Hongwang 430/BA (gross) is around 8,200-8,250 yuan/ton; Ruigang 430/2BA (gross) is around 7,800 yuan/ton; Liancheng 430/BA (gross) At around 8,250 yuan/ton.

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