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Stainless Steel Coil

Stainless Steel Coil Shape

Stainless steel coils, sometimes are called stainless steel roll, stainless steel volumes, it is one of the general shapes in stainless steel material field. The stainless steel flat material will be made as coil when the thickness is thin to be rolled, usually, the thin point thickness is 16mm. In coil status, the stainless steel material is convenient and efficient to be loading, unloading, stored, transported.  Currently, most of the flat stainless steel material be produced from the mill as coil shape, especially cold rolled serial, in coil shape the material can be protected well.

  • Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil (0.2mm-8mm)
    HuaxiaoCapacity about cold rolled stainless steel coilThickness: 0.2mm - 8.0mmWidth: 600mm - 2000mm, thenarrowed products pls check in strip productsMax coil weight: 25MTCoil ID: 508mm,610mmFinish: 2B...
  • Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil (1.2mm-16mm)
    HuaxiaoCapacity about Hot rolled stainless steel coilThickness: 1.2mm - 16mmWidth: 600mm - 2000mm, the narrower products please check in stripproductsMaxcoil weight: 40MTCoilID: 508mm,610mmGrade: 304 ...
  • Polished Stainless Steel Coil
    HuaxiaoCapacity about Polished stainless steel coilFinish: No.3, No.4,No.5, No.8,HL, SB, Color coating, #3 ,#4 ,#8,N4Film: PVC,PE, PI,Laser PVCThickness: 0.3mm- 3.0mmWidth: 600mm - 1500mm,the narrowed...
  • Precision Stainless Steel Coil
    Huaxiao Capacity about Precision stainless steel coilFinish: 2B,BA,TRTEMPER/Hardness: ANN, 1/2, 3/4, FH/Full hard, EH,SEH/Super EHThickness: 0.03mm – 1.5mmWidth: 600mm - 1250mm, the narrowed product...

4 kinds of stainless steel coil

  • Cold rolled stainless steel coil, usually the thickness of 0.3mm-6mm
  • Hot rolled stainless steel coil, thickness from 1.2mm-16mm
  • Polished stainless steel coil, usually the flat polished stainless steel material is in sheet, but sometimes there is coil shape.
  • Precision stainless steel coil, seldom precision material is named in coil, usually named in strip due to the small width

Huaxiao Stainless steel coils include standard and specification grade:

Stainless Steel Coil Standard:

  • ASTM A240/A240M, A480/A480M
  • JIS G4304, G4305, G4312
  • EN 10088-2, 10088-4
  • GB/T 4237, GB/T 24511, GB/T 3280, GB/T 20878

Stainless Steel Coil Specification grade:

  • 304  S30408 06Cr19Ni10 0Cr18Ni9 S30400 SUS304 1.4301
  • 304L 1.4307 1.4306  SUS304L 022Cr19Ni10  00Cr19Ni10  TP304L S30403
  • 304DQ/304DDQ 0Cr18Ni9DQ, deep drawing stainless steel
  • 304H 1.4948  07Cr19Ni10 S30409
  • 430 1.4016 1Cr17 SUS430
  • 316L 1.4404 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 S31603 SUS316L
  • 316 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 S31600 SUS316 1.4401
  • 316Ti S31635 SUS316Ti 1.4571
  • 409 409L 1.4512 S40930
  • 410 410s S41000 SUS410 1.4006 S41008 SUS410S 1.4000 06Cr13 S11306 0Cr13
  • 301 1.4310 SUS301 06Cr17Ni7
  • 310 310s 1.4841 S31000 SUS310S 1.4845 S31008 S31008S 06Cr25Ni20 0Cr25Ni20  high temperature stainless steel
  • 2205 S31803 S32205 S22053 022Cr23Ni5Mo3N 022Cr22Ni5Mo3N 1.4462 SUS329j3L S22253 duplex stainless steel
  • 2507 S32750 00Cr25Ni7Mo4N 022Cr25Ni7Mo4N 1.4410 duplex stainless steel
  • S17400 17-4PH  0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb S15500 15-5PH  0Cr15Ni4Cu4Nb S17700 17-7PH  0Cr17Ni7Al 17-10P 0Cr17Ni7Al precipitation hardening stainless steel

More stainless steel coils detail please visit subclassification.
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