Huaxiao Metal Corporation Limited.
Welcome to Huaxiao Stainless Steel, manufacture and export stainless steel coil, sheet, plate, strip
and so on from China and Taiwan, by cooperate with excellent stainless steel mills, Tisco, Yusco, Lisco, Jisco, Zhangjiagang Posco, Qingdao Posco, Baosteel, Ess, Shanghai Krupp, Southwest stainless, Shuoyang, Yongjin, Tsingshan, Kunshan Daekyung, Walsin.

More than 100,000MT standing stainless steel stock can be provided and sourcing by Huaxiao in China
7 days delivery for regular products, we stand for you our customers.

Huaxiao is committed to supplying top-quality products, superior services to our customers, and respect for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction. We hope you enjoy visiting Huaxiao website.
FAQs & Ask the Expert
FAQs & Ask the Expert
A:When do filters have to be replaced?
Q:The filter should be replaced after using 6 months, you can according to your local water quality and use times for decide to replace it or not. Usually, people should drink 8 bottles water per day, so the filter almost can generate almost 3000 bottles of the alkaline ionizer.
FAQs & Ask the Expert
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