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201 Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

Huaxiao Capacity about 201 cold rolled stainless steel coil, 201 CRC

Thickness: 0.2mm - 3.0mm
Width: 600mm - 1500mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products
Max coil weight: 10MT
Coil ID: 508mm, 610mm
Finish: 2B, 2D
  • Advantage

201 Same grade from different mill standard

201J1, 201 L1, 201 LH, 201 LA

201 Chemical component  LISCO – L1 :

C:≤0.15 ,Si :≤1.0 Mn:8.0-10.5 ,Cr:13.5~16.00 ,Ni:1.0~3.0, S :≤0.03 ,P :≤0.06 Cu: < 2.0 , N≤0.2

201 mechanical property  LISCO – L1:

Tensile strength :  > 515 Mpa
Yield Strength :  >205 Mpa
Elongation (%):  > 35%
Hardness: < HRB99

Description about 200 serial stainless steel

The 200 series stainless steel was first developed in the United States as a substitute for the 300 series stainless steel during World War II. At that time, due to the war, nickel as a strategic material was strictly controlled by various countries, and the nickel supply in the United States was seriously insufficient. In order to solve the problem of the production and supply of stainless steel in the case of severe shortage of nickel supply, the United States has developed a series of new austenitic stainless steels based on manganese nickel.

After the end of World War II, the supply of nickel in the United States gradually improved. Therefore, the production of 300 series stainless steel is no longer constrained by the shortage of raw materials, so the 200 series has not been further developed. Several Indians who were originally involved in the development of 200 series stainless steels returned to India. Starting from the fact that India is relatively rich in manganese resources and lacking in nickel resources, the 200 series stainless steel varieties developed in the United States will be brought back to India.

The application of 200 series stainless steel was successful in India because of the possibility of replacing 304 stainless steel in some specific applications.
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