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HL Stainless Steel Coil

Description of HL/Brushed stainless steel coil

The brushed stainless steel is a stainless steel surface with a silky texture. This is just a machining process for stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the slightest texture, but can not touch. Stainless steel wear than normal looks more upscale.

Stainless steel brushed surface classification

Drawing board generally refers to the surface texture plus collectively known in the past is a matte board, the surface of the lines are straight lines, chaotic lines (and lines), ripples and threads and other major types.

1. drawing ruled. Normally, the surface state is a straight line when the surface of the stainless steel is mechanically rubbed. The drawing board can eliminate scratches on the surface of the raw material of the stainless steel plate, and also has a good decorative effect. This pattern also has a long thread pattern and a short thread pattern because the pattern is a straight line or a short line on the surface of the sheet using a scouring pad or a stainless steel brush, and a pattern of different thicknesses can be obtained by changing the diameter of the brush.

2. drawing disorder (pattern). The surface sand pattern is composed of sand grains in a circle and a circle from a distance. The near-distortion pattern is irregular, and it is ground by irregular grinding of the grinding head up and down, and then electroplating and coloring. The surface of this texture is matte and the production requirements are high.

3. drawing ripples. The production process is the use of the axial movement of the roller used on the brush machine or the squeegee, so that the stainless steel surface is wavy after being brushed.

4. drawing thread. The production process is a bit characteristic. First, a small motor is used. Around felt is installed on the shaft, the small motor is fixed on the table, and the edge of the table is at an angle of about 60°. Afterward, a pallet is used to fix the stainless steel sheet, and a polyester film is then dragged along the edge of the pallet, in order to limit the thread speed. After that, the linear movement of the felt and the mop can be turned to obtain the same width of the thread pattern on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

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