Foshan Market News, July 15, 2021, the 22nd China Patent Awards were announced recently. Foshan City won 68 22nd China Patent Awards. The number of awards increased by 41.6% over last year, ranking third in the province. , Accounting for 20.8% of the province’s awards.

From the perspective of award-winning fields, they are mainly distributed in traditional pillar industries such as home appliance manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, and strategic emerging industries such as new energy, pharmaceuticals, and robotics have also made breakthroughs. In this way, stainless steel companies can make breakthroughs in these terminal areas.

So below, let’s look at other dynamics in the stainless steel industry!

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Macro essence
1. [National Bureau of Statistics announces first half and second-quarter GDP]

The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 15th. According to preliminary calculations, in the first half of 2021, China’s GDP was 5,32167 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7%, and an average growth rate of 5.3% in two years. Among them, the GDP growth in the second quarter was 7.9% (the previous value was 18.3%).

2. [The central bank carries out 100 billion MLF operations, and interest rates remain flat]

The central bank conducted a 100 billion yuan mid-term lending facility (MLF) operation today, and the interest rate remained unchanged at 2.95%. Today, 400 billion MLF expires. In addition, the Central Bank launched a 7-day reverse repurchase of 10 billion yuan. Today, the 10 billion yuan reverse repurchase expires; the winning bid rate is 2.2%, the same as the previous time. The central bank’s overall RRR cut took effect today. (Associated Finance Press)

3. [Stainless steel futures 2108 contract closed up 505, the current spread to 320]

Today’s stainless steel futures 2108 contract closed up 505 yuan to 18,150 yuan/ton, holdings decreased by 1,871 hands to 52,638 hands, and 149,773 hands were traded.
Wuxi 304 cold-rolled stainless steel Hongwang spot price of 2.0mm burrs have been flat to about 18,300 yuan/ton (converted to about 18470 for trimming), and the current price difference of stainless steel futures is 320 yuan/ton.

Raw material-related
1. [National Development and Reform Commission: preparing to invest more than 10 million tons of coal reserves]

In order to ensure the coal supply during the peak summer season, according to the monitoring and analysis, the National Development and Reform Commission has formulated a reserve release plan in advance. This time, the planned release scale will exceed 10 million tons, which are mainly distributed in dozens of coal storage bases and related sites across the country. Ports can be put on the market at any time as needed. In the next step, according to changes in the supply and demand situation, coal reserve resources will be organized in batches to be put into the market in an orderly manner to ensure a stable supply of coal. At present, the country has built a government-schedulable coal reserve capacity of more than 100 million tons, and the reserve base currently stores about 40 million tons of coal.

2. [Jiugang Hongxing Xigou Mine’s production output in the first half of the year set a record high]

In the first half of 2021, Hongxing Co., Ltd. Xigou Mining Co., Ltd. closely focused on the annual production and operation tasks and carried out in-depth benchmarking and table comparison, and the main operating indicators achieved “more than half of the time and more than half of the task”.

Among them, the production of raw ore was 2,335,700 tons, the output of finished ore was 2,335,600 tons, and the total amount of stripping reached 3.213 million tons, all exceeding the planned completion, setting a record high. (Jiugang Group)

3. [Jinchuan Company’s electrolytic nickel offer is lowered by 200]

On July 15, the quotation of the Shanghai Electrolytic Nickel (large plate) of Jinchuan Company was adjusted to 139,500 yuan/ton (Shanghai), and the quotation of small barrels was 140,700 yuan/ton. The above quotation was lowered by 200 compared with yesterday.

Industry news
1. [Successful explosion welding test of JISCO stainless steel and carbon steel clad plate]

A few days ago, the Xigou Mine of Jiugang Hongxing Co., Ltd. actively explored metal explosive welding technology, and realized the successful test of explosive welding composite plates of stainless steel-steel, copper-steel, aluminum-steel, etc., subverting people’s impression that the mine only produces ore. (Jiugang Daily)

2. [Successful signing of the Dandong Intelligent Manufacturing Pioneer Park project based on stainless steel, instrumentation, and other industries]

From July 13 to 14, the Liaoning-Yangtze River Delta Investment Promotion Week was held in Shanghai. Among them, the Dandong Intelligent Manufacturing Pioneer Park project with a total investment of 500 million yuan was successfully signed. It is reported that the project covers an area of ​​150 acres and plans to build more than 20 standard workshops.

The park will take the stainless steel industry, instrumentation industry, clothing manufacturing industry and other pillar and advantageous industries as the planning layout, introduce a group of leading enterprises, and actively cultivate and develop A group of science and technology service organizations that strive to become a traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading demonstration zone, a technological transformation leading zone, an intelligent application pioneer zone, and a sustainable development experimental zone with a certain regional influence. (

3. [Taigang Scrap Steel Storage Center: new equipment can be put into use to press metal scrap into 0.3 cubic meters of bales]

According to Zhao Bo, deputy director of Taigang Scrap Storage Processing and Distribution Center, Taigang’s 700,000-ton crusher production line has a large crushing capacity, which can crush scrap cars, carbon steel scrap, and stainless steel scrap, effectively separating metal and non-metal materials. Metal material.

This year, Taiyuan Iron and Steel has also built a new metal hydraulic baler project. The equipment has now entered the final commissioning stage. After being put into use, various metal scraps can be compressed into 0.3 cubic meters of bales, making storage, transportation and smelting more convenient. (Taiyuan Radio and TV Station News Comprehensive Channel)

4. [Fu’an city leaders investigated stainless steel companies and proposed to accelerate the development of new material industry extension]

A few days ago, Huang Qishan, Acting Mayor of Fu’an Municipal Government, and his team visited Fujian Hongwang Industrial Co., Ltd. on the spot. After understanding the company’s production capacity, production lines, innovation, transformation and development in detail, Huang Qishan emphasized the need to increase scientific management, strengthen technological transformation, improve enterprise production efficiency, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness;

adhere to unwavering transformation and upgrading, and innovative development. Continuously, effectively stimulate the endogenous motivation of the enterprise, and vigorously promote the transformation and development. (Fuan News)

5. [Dongfang Special Steel successfully developed high-quality steel for claw poles of automobile generators]

On July 12, the magnetic properties of the claw pole steel for automobile generators developed by Dongfang Special Steel fully met the various inspection requirements of Valeo. From April to June, more than 2,000 tons were produced and delivered to seven well-known domestic customers.

It marks the successful development of Dongfang Special Steel’s high-quality automotive generator claw pole steel, and has the ability to supply batches, successfully expanding a new market area. (Oriental Runan Group)

6. [Turkey made a final anti-dumping ruling on Vietnamese stainless steel pipes]

On July 10, 2021, the Turkish Ministry of Trade issued Announcement No. 2021/38, making a positive anti-dumping final ruling on stainless steel pipes and other hollow structural steels (Turkish: Paslanmaz çelikten olanlar) originating in Vietnam, and against the products involved in Vietnam.

Anti-dumping duties ranging from 19.64% to 25% of the CIF (CIF) value are imposed, of which the Vietnamese company Inox Hoa Binh Joint Stock Company is 21.86%, OSS Dai Duong International Joint Stock Company is 22.36%, and Sonha SSP Vietnam Sole Member Company Limited is 19.64 % and 25% of other companies involved in the case in Vietnam. (Ministry of Commerce)

Market dynamics
1. Wuxi market:

In terms of spot stocks, news of steel mills and agents’ closures came from time to time in the market yesterday. The market’s reluctance to sell has become stronger, and the intention to pull up is obvious. From the beginning of the wait and see to the present, downstream customers pay attention to price trends at any time. purchase.

2. Foshan market:

The market continued to rise this morning, and the rate of increase was a bit messy. Hot rolled was 100-200, while 304 cold rolled conservatively increased by 50 to find deals, while the mainstream was basically rising at a pace of 200+, and the market did not rise.

My friend, the overall price is still in the cycle of daily price increases. In 201, the hot rolling still lags slightly, and the cold rolling continues to rise, and the price has risen numbly.