Foshan Market News, January 3, 2023, on December 30, 2022, Lunni closed down by US$80 to US$29,920/ton; the main Shanghai Nickel contract closed up by 3,780 yuan to 232,000 yuan/ton in the evening; the stainless steel futures 2302 contract closed up by 15 Yuan to 16820 yuan/ton. The futures market reopened in 2023, and the color is a little green.

At 11:30 in the morning, the main contract of Shanghai Nickel fell 1,400 yuan/ton to 227,780 yuan/ton; the main contract of stainless steel futures fell 80 yuan to 16,680 yuan/ton. In the spot market, many stainless steel companies have already entered the Spring Festival holiday from January 1, 2023. With the breath of departure, today’s market is a bit quiet. However, what the market is concerned about is two pieces of information about the 304 stainless strips.

Qingshan 304 Stainless Strip: the same 304 stainless steel strips, you have two choices!

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01 Dingxin 304 Stainless Steel Strip Rose 100!

At around 10:15 in the morning, the Qingshan stainless steel strip agent sent out quotation information one after another:
Today, Dingxin 304 strip cold-rolled 16500, February futures!

This price is 100 yuan/ton higher than the last quotation before New Year’s Day, and it is an agent’s own offer.

02 The Quotation of Low Nickel 304 Remains Unchanged!

It is reported that in this quotation, the price of the low-nickel 304 stainless strips is 16,200 yuan/ton, and the declaration is pending approval.
The quotation of this material is the same as that before New Year’s Day. The material is in stock and can also receive futures.
Note: Low nickel 304, mainly refers to the range of nickel content of the material is 7.9 ≤ new material (nickel content) <8

That is to say, the price difference between Dingxin 304 and low-nickel new material 304 is 300 yuan/ton. The same is the 304 stainless steel strip, customers can have two choices.

However, 304 narrow-band material accounts for a relatively large share of Xinfeng material, according to agent feedback, the order price before the festival is 16,350-16,400 yuan/ton, and some orders can be received. But today, after some agents quoted Xinfeng material at 16500, the transaction was set between 16350-16450, so the transaction is now divided.

The source said that in today’s material selection, the economy is the customer’s first choice. Needless to say, low nickel 304 has been tried.
Regarding the 304 stainless strips, some customers also raised the new challenges brought about by the five feet:

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