Baowu integration, will control Ruitai Technology 30.85%

A few days ago, Ruitai Technology, a listed refractory material company, disclosed the reorganization draft. The listed company intends to purchase 100% equity of Wuhan Refractories held by Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and the remaining 40% equity of Ruitai Maanshan Iron and Steel held by Maanshan Iron and Steel Group by issuing shares. With the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Ruitai Technology’s controlling shareholder, China National Building Materials Institute, will also transfer 5% of its shares in the listed company to Baowu. At that time, China Baowu will hold 30.85% of the equity and will become the new actual controller of Ruitai Technology.

Taigang’s 200,000-ton modern ferritic stainless steel cold-rolled sheet quality improvement project

A few days ago, the 200,000-ton modern ferritic stainless steel cold-rolled sheet quality improvement project of Taiyuan Iron and Steel-Taiyuan Iron and Steel Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Plant No. 5 smoother project was completed and successfully commissioned, marking the production level of Taiyuan Iron and Steel’s ferritic stainless steel is moving toward the industrial chain A big step in the high-end direction.

Delong Jiangsu Zhongtuo Centralized Smelting Project will resume construction on the 21st

Jiangsu Zhongtuo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Zhongtuo is responsible for construction, production and operation. Delong’s overseas bases provide nickel-iron alloy raw materials for the project. Through the construction of refining facilities, the development and production of high-quality stainless steels of more than 300 series will comprehensively improve the quality and level of Dainan stainless steel industry. , To directly provide low-cost and high-quality materials for downstream enterprises, and promote leading small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on product manufacturing and research and development. The centralized smelting construction project will be fully resumed on February 21.

2021 Jianlong will make every effort to build a section steel production base in Northwest China

In 2021, Inner Mongolia Jianlong will seize the strategic opportunity of the western development and make every effort to build the most competitive comprehensive service provider of construction steel in the northwest region. Build the H-shaped steel project base, focusing on the development of more than 4 high-value-added products including high-quality carbon structural steel and anchor steel.

Zhouning Stainless Steel Deep Processing Industrial Park Project Progress

Zhouning Stainless Steel Deep Processing Industrial Park will not stop construction during the Spring Festival, and work overtime to promote project construction. At present, the construction of the park has been completed 80% and it is expected to be completed in April this year.
During the Spring Festival, Liugang Zhongjin’s production was normal, and the steelmaking changed to J3 steel on February 13
During the Spring Festival, Liugang CICC produced normal sintering, nickel-iron and other processes, and the primary furnace conditions went smoothly. The steelmaking was changed to J3 steel on February 13th. A total of 4,687 tons of 76 furnaces were smelted, and the output of blast furnace and steelmaking Respectively 7,985 tons and 17,126 tons.