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Rose Gold Stainless Steel Sheet Will Not Fade Easily

Rose gold stainless steel sheet, also known as color stainless steel plate, is based on the original stainless steel plate to adopt PVD vacuum coating or electroplating, which makes it produce different colors. The basic stainless steel plate we choose is 304 stainless steel plate. It is the most common material in the stainless steel plate. Its density is in 7.93g/cm3. It can withstand high temperature and high toughness at 800 degrees. So 304 stainless steel plate is widely used in the fields of home decoration, food, chemical industry and so on. And rose gold stainless steel plate contains the characteristics of the original stainless steel plate, in addition, its special technical requirements double its advantages. It is not only beautiful and durable but also has unique styles. 

Will the rose gold stainless steel plate fade? In fact, it inherits the characteristics of 304 stainless steel plates, that is, it is not easy to rust. If we put the rose gold stainless steel plate in the hot sun, in wet weathering environment, and in other daily environments, it can keep unpeeled, not falling down, fade, and not be affected by ultraviolet light. That’s because the rose gold stainless steel plate has more uniques performance than the ordinary stainless steel plate. Its strength and hardness are higher than the ordinary stainless steel plate, at the same time, it has high anti-corrosion and friction resistance performance. In keeping the surface of stainless steel products neat and smooth, it gives the stainless steel products a bright color pattern, making them brighter. We can see that many foreign buildings are decorated with colored stainless steel products, especially rose gold stainless steel plate has been popular. 
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