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Stainless Steel Perforated Plate(4mm-10mm)

Sample of Stainless Steel Perforated Plate(4mm-10mm)

Production process of stainless steel punching plate:

1, First select the material of the steel plate, and accurately design the mold at the beginning of the punching plate. The quality of a die determines the quality of the punching plate product in a large program, so we have been punching in recent years. The mold has invested a lot of money and energy, which has significantly improved the mold design and production capacity of our factory, and accumulated some mold patterns.

Punching: Now it is produced by the most advanced wkc-2000 CNC punching equipment in China. Stepper motor feeding and plc operation control, the product accuracy reaches +/-0.15MM, and standardized management, can be stamped in the range of 10mm--0.2mm.

2, the trimming of the board: If the edge of the manufacturing process exceeds the tolerance range you require, our skilled technicians can help you remove the excess edges according to your requirements;

3, the cutting of the board: cut from the entire roll of the board into the size you need;

4. Flattening of the punching plate: We can use the leveling machine to restore the punched plate of the punched deformation to its original flat state.

Steel plates with a thickness of 0.8mm-12mm can be leveled. And cleaning the punching requires the use of lubricants, but we also have a degreasing process that removes traces from the surface and makes the orifice clean. Forming and deep processing, in addition to customer reservations, we can also provide a series of subsequent processing on the perforated plate, including: leveling, cutting, labeling, packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, annealing, painting, electroplating, welding, Polishing, bending, rolling, etc.
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