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Stainless Steel Checker Plate

Sample of Stainless Steel Checker Plate

Description of stainless steel checker plate

Stainless steel checker plate also be called, stainless steel checker plate, stainless steel diamond plate, stainless steel tread plate, stainless steel chequer plate, the aluminum also can be made to checker plate, the pattern includes lentil-shaped, diamond-shaped, round bean-shaped, dot-shaped, oblate mixed shape, etc.

Application of stainless steel checker plate

  • Because of its surface rib bar, the non-slip effect can be used as the floor, factory escalator, working platform pedals, ship deck, car floor and so on. The beautiful appearance of the tread plate, non-slip, strengthen the performance, saving steel and many other advantages, in transportation, construction, decoration, equipment around the floor, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields have a wide range of applications. In general, the use of square on the mechanical properties of the board, mechanical performance is not high, so the quality of the main pattern is the pattern into flower rate, pattern height, pattern height difference. Currently available on the market from the thickness of 1.0-6mm ranging from the width of the common1219 1250,1500 mm.
  • Checkered plates are used in the workshop, large equipment or ship walkways and stair pedals, the surface of the diamond-shaped or lenticular pattern of steel. The size of the plate is based on the basic thickness (excluding the thickness of the rib).
  • Pattern board height not less than 0.2 times the thickness of the substrate; intact pattern, the pattern allows a height of not more than half of the thickness tolerance of the local slight burr.

Production process about stainless steel checker plate

Usually, there is 2 production process for checker plate, one is hot rolled with the NO.1 finish, and other is cold press with NO.1 or 2B finish. Hot rolled is expensive than cold press.

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