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Precision Stainless Steel Strip

Sample of Precision Stainless Steel Strip
Shape feature About stainless steel precision strip
Usually, precision stainless steel product is stripped shape from a material factory, due to precision strip thickness is thin, so the strip shape is convenient to package, transport and be processing.

General Application field about precision stainless steel strip:

  • 1.constant force springs, shrapnel, winding, retainer, pipe clip, reed, zipper
  • 2.polishing glasses cutting material, scraper, diamond blade inside
  • 3.electronic stamping parts, cell phone stamping parts
  • 4.cylinder pads, gaskets, heat transfer pads
  • 5.nameplate, electronic components, and other etching products
  • 6.loom heddles, domes films
  • 7.bellows, capillary, heater catheter, needle
  • 8.buzzer, headphones screen

Precision stainless steel strip is a high value-added product

Compare to normal cold rolled stainless strip, hot rolled stainless steel strip, the precision strip need more process flow, the main important step is Tension Annealing(TA line), size tolerance control, so the precision always higher labor costs and value, also with higher technology requirement, experience, equipment. In China before 2015, most the precision equipment was imported from German, Japan, Italy and other countries, now China also can manufacture part of them with high quality and satisfied performance.

Kinds of edges of precision strip

Due to precision application features, the precision strip includes edge, mill edge, slitting edge, free burr edge, square edge, square with round angle edge, full round edge.

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