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Polished Stainless Steel Coil

Finish: No.3, No.4, No.5, No.8,HL, SB, Color coating, #3, #4, #8, N4
Film: PVC, PE, PI, Laser PVC
Thickness: 0.3mm - 3.0mm
Width: 600mm - 1500mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products
Max coil weight: 10MT
Coil ID: 508mm,610mm

  • NO.4 Stainless Steel Coil
    Huaxiao Capacity about NO.4 stainless steel coilFinish: No.4, #4 , N4Film: PVC,PE, PI, Laser PVCThickness: 0.3mm - 3.0mmWidth: 600mm - 1500mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip productsMax coil...
  • BA Stainless Steel Coil
    Huaxiao Capacity about BA stainless steel coil, Bright Annealing stainless steel coilFinish: BA, Bright AnnealingFilm: PVC, PE, PI, Laser PVC, 20um-120um, paper interleavedThickness: 0.3mm - 3.0mmWidt...
  • HL Stainless Steel Coil
    Description about HL/Brushed stainless steel coilThe brushed stainless steel is a stainless steel surface with a silky texture. This is just a machining process for stainless steel. The surface is mat...
  • 2BA Stainless Steel Coil
    Description about 2BA stainless steel coil Usually 2BA finish is called in China market, the 2BA stainless steel surface is between BA and 2B, compare to BA ,2BA surface darker a little, and with bett...
Usually, polished stainless steel material is delivered as sheet or plate, but sometimes as the coil for loading, unloading, transport convenient.

Polished stainless steel is for decorative, for vision, not for structure, so always with a thin thickness no more than 3mm.

Coil polished is a high requirement for the machine due to the shape, usually polishing in the coil is oiling polish way, and always with the film to protect the surface to avoid scratch and scuff.

Finally, polished coil always is cut to length before to make final products in the factory.

Below are some stainless steel polishing methods for reference

  • Mechanical polishing is a method of grinding, cutting, the convex portion of surface to obtain a smooth surface, the general by using whetstone, wool wheel, sandpaper, etc.,
    Polished stainless steel coil usually is grinded by this method.
  • Chemical polishing is to make the micro-convex part of material surface preferentially dissolved by chemical to get a smooth surface. This method has the main advantage is the high efficiency without complex equipment, it can polish the workpieces with complex shapes and also can polish many workpieces simultaneously. The main working is the preparation of the polishing solution. The surface roughness is generally in 10 μm.
  • Electrolytic polishing, is similar to chemical polishing, to make the surface by selective dissolution of the surface of the tiny convex parts. Compared with chemical polishing, it can avoid the impact of the cathode reaction, the roughness can match 1μm.
  • Ultrasonic polishing, place the workpiece into the abrasive suspension and apply the ultrasonic field, the workpiece surface be grind and polish depending on ultrasonic oscillation. In actual application, Ultrasonic machining can be used with chemical or electrochemical methods to get a better polishing effect.
  • Fluid polishing is the way that use the high-speed flow of liquid with abrasive particles to spray the workpiece surface to make surface polished. Usually, the silicon carbide powder can be used as the abrasive.
  • Magnetic polishing is using the magnetic abrasive in the magnetic field to make the workpiece be a grind. This method of processing with high efficiency, good quality, good working conditions. the surface roughness can reach 0.1μm.
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