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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visit Huaxiao privacy policy webpage, we highly esteem our customers trust. That is why we have come up with this privacy policy to help you understand how our company handles your product information in addition to giving you top-notch suggestions regarding your orders and requirements.This privacy policy’s practices only cover Huaxiao stainless steel corporation's website other affiliated companies and persons under the management and control of Huaxiao.

How does Stone paper use your product and personal information?
Every piece of information whether personal or product information received by Huaxiao is treated in accordance with the set rules and regulations. Personal information comprises of data that can be traced back to you such as your phone number, your email address and your name. While product information is solely about the request that placed at stone paper and it may include a logo, shipping address and the price.This information may be used for business purposes, only to process your request that was placed. Kindly note that the products displayed on stone paper,s website are for demonstration purposes only and cannot be sold.

We understand that it is our mandate to protect the information that has been presented to us from external manipulation, loss, disclosure, destruction and misuse. That is why we have put in place a security team that constantly reviews and finds new ways to protect it. In addition, we have various modern technologies and solid processes that are meant to keep our customer data safe.Sometimes we may need to give out your information to third parties with whom we have a contract with to process your data for business purposes. Even in this regard, we ensure that your information is handled in accordance to proper security measures and only dealt with as authorized by us. Such a company will not be entitled to use your information for personal gains. Whenever you order a purchase, kindly ask for a catalog. Alternatively, you can directly send us an inquiry using our website. Our internet communication is encrypted which means that your data is safe. It is then stored in our database along with every purchase you make.

Questions and Suggestions
For inquiries, questions and suggestions, please go ahead and complete our feedback form. Your feedback means the world to us. You can also contact us using the following address:

Huaxiao Stainless Steel Corporation Limited
Huaxiao Metal Corporation Limited
Huaxia International Steel Corporation Limited

Sales Contact:
Tel: +86-21-54725826 +86-13816639199
Fax: +86-21-54717930
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Address: Room 458, Building 8-9, NO.1500 South Lianhua Road, Shanghai, China. 

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  • TEL:+86-21-54725826
  • FAX:+86-21-54717930
  • EMAIL:[email protected]
  • ADDRESS:Room 458, Building 8-9, NO.1500 South Lianhua Road, Shanghai, China.