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What is Stainless Steel Deep Drawing

It is suitable for stretching relatively large containers and the like. Such material 304 contains 8.5% of nickel (DQ grade), 9% (DDQ grade) Ordinary 304 material is 8% or more German DIN standard.

DDQ (deep drawing quality): it refers to the material used for deep drawing (redrawing), which is what everyone calls soft material. The main characteristic of this material is its high elongation (≥53%) and low hardness (≤ 170%), internal grain grade is between 7.0 and 8.0, and deep drawing performance is excellent. At present, many companies that produce thermos and pots have generally higher processing ratios (BLANKINGSIZE/product diameter), and their processing ratios are 3.0, 1.96, 2.13, and 1.98, respectively. Stainless steel tensile material refers to tensile stainless steel tape, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good mechanical properties, deep drawing, bending and other room temperature processing performance is good, does not harden after heat treatment, can withstand general corrosion in construction , Resists corrosion of food processing media (but corrosion may occur at high temperature with concentrated acid and chloride components), resistant to organic compounds, dyes, and a wide variety of inorganic compounds.

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