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Us Cancels Indonesian Stainless Steel Import Tax Rate

In September 4th, the media reported that Indonesian alloy steel products were free to enter the United States without the need to impose import duties. However, the exemption from the import tax of the alloy steel is temporary and only for one year. The good news came from the two letters sent by the US security agency and Industry Bureau (BIS) to the Indonesian trade ministry.

They claim that Indonesia's special steel products have been exceptions for one year. During this period, the United States imposed an import duty rate of 25% on alloy steel. Uncle Sam did not include alloy steels of special specifications because their domestic industry needed them.

Because the domestic steel products of the United States can not meet the existing demand, including the quality of the market needs. Plus, in their letter, the U.S. Security Agency and the Bureau of Industry claimed that by removing the import tax rate on alloy steel products, they did not find any factors affecting national security.

The United States also provides Indonesia with 100 tons of steel import quotas. Purwono Widodo, chairman of the Indonesian Steel Association Cluster, praised the US policy, although the exemption from the Indonesian alloy steel import tax rate was only temporary. "Of course, we also welcome the success of lobbying by the government, especially trade ministers."
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