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Us And Japan Failed To Reach Agreement On Tariff Exemption For Steel And Aluminum Products In Japan

Beijing time April 19th, Bloomberg news, President Trump, speaking in Japan during a lunch dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, said, "I know they are going to order a large number of aircraft, worth hundreds of billions of dollars."

Trump said the order will include fighter planes and other aircraft. Trump also said it would help the balance of trade.

"We have to eliminate barriers," Trump said when he talked about trade relations between the United States and Japan.

"In order to benefit the United States and Japan, we will further expand trade and investment between the two countries," Andouble said at a press conference. President Trump and I agreed to start negotiations on a free, fair and mutually beneficial trade agreement. "

It is reported that the focus of this meeting is to negotiate new dialogue framework with Trump on bilateral trade issues, so as to persuade the United States to return to TPP. Andouble also plans to exclude Japan from the US's import restrictions on steel and aluminum products.

But Trump told twitter late Tuesday local time: although Japan and South Korea want us to return to TPP, I do not like this deal on the US side. For our workers, bilateral agreements are much more efficient, profitable and better. See how bad WTO is to the United States.

The Financial Times said that this may mean that Trump's position on the question of whether the United States should return to TPP is changing again. The newspaper said Trump was implying that he is now opposed to re-entering the TPP.

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