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The Twelfth Southern China Stainless Steel And Metal Materials Exhibition Will Be Held Soon

To create the industry "Spring Fair", leading the development of "wind vane". The twelfth Southern China stainless steel metal Exhibition (abbreviated as the Southern China stainless steel exhibition), held jointly by the Guangdong stainless steel materials and Products Association, the Foshan Trade Promotion Association and the Foshan Cheng Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be opened on April 21st at the Flower World Exhibition Center of the Chen Village, Shunde District, Foshan.

Southern China stainless steel exhibition, as a professional stainless steel production exhibition in China, relies on the strong industrial base of Foshan and Southern China, the support of the huge market, the operation of the professional system, and the concentration of many advantages in consumption, circulation and internal and foreign trade. Recognition of industry enterprises. It has become a professional platform for the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, and the end users face the communication and cooperation negotiation directly. It is an industry example that promotes the famous brand and the growth brand to open up the domestic and foreign markets.

The professional exhibition is a platform for exhibitors to seize business opportunities, widen the market, create a brand and enhance the influence through exhibition platform. It is reported that this Southern China stainless steel exhibition will attract many famous and growing brands to join the exhibition with high specifications.

This Southern China stainless steel exhibition will provide a one-stop display and procurement platform for stainless steel pipes, stainless steel plates, stainless steel customization and stainless steel equipment. For stainless steel manufacturers to find distributors, high-end users, engineering partners, distributors, and provide solutions for users to find brand manufacturers. The exhibition will help buyers find the brand of cooperation. It's a professional event for downstream suppliers of the stainless steel industry to optimize suppliers and optimize the supply chain.
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