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The End Of The Heating Season: Undiminished Environmental Protection

After the end of the heating season on March 15th, a series of environmental protection policies to limit production in winter also expired. However, recent haze in the North has led to a new policy of new environmental protection, which has a significant impact on industry enterprises.

Recently, the Handan steel plant will stop production from the blast furnace from March 16th to 31st. It is said that some of the steel mills have received the documents too, and the current plan is in the discussion.

The economy of our country started well this year. Economic data showed that the national fixed assets investment increased by 7.9% in the first two months of this year, accelerating by 0.7% over the last year.

Taking all the above information into consideration, China steel information and Research Institute believes that the current downstream and middlemen are more cautious. Considering the current market overall inventory is in the decline stage, business sales pressure is still available, it is expected that the current hot rolling market or will be uplink.

After the Spring Festival of 2018, China's steel market showed a trend of first rising and then decreasing. At present, there are signs of acceleration in demand all over the country. The probability of the overall rise is greater.

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