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Rose Gold Stainless Steel Plate

The surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the rose gold stainless steel plate are stronger than that of the ordinary stainless steel. It can resist the salt fog corrosion for more than 10 years and not change the color of the ultraviolet light for more than 30 years. The main body of the rose gold stainless steel plate is integrated with the coloring layer, maintaining the basic structure and basic properties of the original stainless steel, and can be used for conventional molding and drawing.  Coloring The method adopted is mainly the acid bath oxidation coloring method, which makes the stainless steel surface produce a transparent chrome oxide film. When the light shines on it, different colors will be generated due to different thickness of the film. The whole process of color processing of stainless steel includes two steps: color treatment and dura treatment. The coloring process is carried out in a hot chromium sulphuric acid bath. After immersion in the stainless steel, a layer of one percent thick oxide film with only one hair diameter will be formed on the surface. As time goes on and the thickness of oxide film increases, the color of stainless steel surface is also changing. When the oxide film thickness increases from 0.2 micron to 0.45 m, the surface color of stainless steel will appear blue, gold, red and green in turn. By controlling the impregnation time, the rose gold stainless steel plates can be obtained. After the treatment of the dura, chromium oxide can be formed on the cathode. The stable compound, such as chromium hydroxide, not only fills the tiny pores in the oxide film, but also improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the oxide film, so that the material becomes both beautiful and corrosion-resistant.  Application  The new material rose gold stainless steel sheet has wide application field, it can be used in elevator, hardware appliance, kitchen and toilet appliance, cabinet, building decoration, advertisement sign, daily necessities and so on. It can greatly increase the added value of products and has obvious market competitive advantages. Colored stainless steel, color titanium black, sky blue, titanium gold, gem blue, purple, bronze, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple red, titanium white, green and so on.
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