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Properties of BA Stainless Steel Tube

Performance of BA stainless steel tubes made of BA stainless steel 

1. Excellent corrosion resistance: 

Due to the thin protective film formed on the surface of the stainless steel ba tube during bright annealing, although this film is about 3 x 10-6 mm, it is very tough. Even if it is damaged, it can regenerate as long as there is oxygen next to it to prevent rust. So as long as know the characteristics of  stainless steel ba pipe and the correct use of words, we almost don't have to worry about it will rust under the condition of the water pipe or 100 centigrade hot water, there is no need to worry about the decrease of internal diameter or the increase of resistance caused by the common "rust protrusions" in galvanized steel pipe. 2. Reliable sanitation and do not worry about red water, green water and other phenomena.  3. As the stainless steel ba is light, it can be easily transported and constructed, and the cost is greatly reduced. Stainless steel bright annealing (BA) pipes only need about one-third of the thickness of galvanized steel pipe due to their superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. As a result, the weight of the pipe becomes much lighter and the cost decreases, making handling easier and installation more convenient.  4. The impact resistance 5. Distortion: in the construction site, due to the limitations of construction site, space and construction tools, construction personnel often use the plasticity of stainless steel bright annealing (BA) pipe instead of forcing the construction according to the construction specification. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the distortion factor at the joint of pipe and fittings. According to the overseas application experience, BA stainless steel pipe is considered as one of the best pipes with comprehensive performance in metal pipe.
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