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Main Features of Stainless Steel 304 Electromagnetic Heating Coil

Main feature:
(1)Stainless steel 304L electromagnetic heating coil heating heating time is short, high energy conversion efficiency. The device uses local electromagnetic heating to directly heat the tank, reducing the intermediate heat transfer process and increasing the thermal efficiency.
(2) The stainless steel 304 electromagnetic heating coil is easy to install, low one-time input cost, only adding electromagnetic sensors in the original reactor can not be a lot of transformation of the original reactor.
(3) The 304l stainless steel coil has low running cost and does not require pipelines, boilers, coal yards, and is truly unattended.
(4) Soft start, no start impulse current
(5) Safety explosion, no open flame. The coil temperature is within 100 degrees.
(6) The heating rate is fast, and the temperature is high, up to 1200 degrees. When heating, the heating medium is electrically separated from the sensor. The sensor itself does not generate high temperatures and does not generate sparks. The power supply uses a special explosion-proof enclosure.
(7) There is no pollution in the environment.
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