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Jiangsu And Hebei Check Environmental Protection, Many Steel Mills Are Affected

After entering April, Jiangsu province began to strictly check the environmental protection.

On April 9th, the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection department carried out key supervision actions on Xuzhou. Because of the ineffective air pollution control, the Xuzhou Discipline Inspection Commission has punished 45 responsible personnel.

Affected by this, all steel mills in Xuzhou have been discontinued, and the daily output of building materials has been reduced by about 26 thousand tons. According to the feedback from steel mills, this round of environmental supervision is likely to last for 1-2 months. During this period, steel mills have no chance of resuming production.

The environmental pollution problem of three chemical industrial parks (Yan Tai port, Di Tuigu port, and Chen Jia port) in Guanyun County, Lianyungang, was exposed by CCTV. The environmental protection department of Jiangsu province held a meeting overnight to set up a special case group to Lianyungang. Affected by this, a well-known steel factory in Lianyungang planned to stop production from April 26th to May 1st and restore 1 blast furnace production on May 10th.

The northern region is also not optimistic. At present, the production of large factories has returned to normal, but most of the small factories are still in a state of shutdown, and production is not stable. The price of galvanized strip increased by 50 yuan/ton this week due to the shutdown of most pickling lines in galvanized steel works.

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