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The Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Department Punished 84 Illegal Enterprises

Hebei Environmental Protection Office 23 revealed that the Department recently focused on administrative penalties for some environmental violations discovered at the end of 2017. The penalty decision involved a total of 84 enterprises, with a total penalty of 43 million 500 thousand yuan.

It is understood that the punishment of the 84 illegal enterprises, steel, chemical, cement industry in the majority. The penalty also imposed a fine ranging from 100 to 1 million 200 thousand yuan for 5 enterprises that had not yet obtained the emission permits in accordance with the law and had illegal sewage disposal.

Next, the Hebei provincial environmental protection department will continue to organize and summarize the illegal problems found in the five-round of the air environment in the last 2017-2018 years and winter, implement the rectification measures one by one, continuously strengthen the regulatory measures, and maintain the high-pressure situation of the environmental violations.

According to the environmental protection department of Hebei province in January 2018, the environmental protection action made the average concentration of PM2.5 in Hebei decrease 37.4% compared to the same period in 2016, and the air quality in autumn and winter was the best level in five years.

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