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G7 Conference US Treasury Secretary Was Isolated

At present, the finance ministers and central bank governors meeting of the group of seven is being held in Whistler, Canada's ski resort. However, the atmosphere is not cool at all.

It is reported that the US government has decided to impose high tariffs on steel and aluminum products in the EU, Canada and Mexico, so that the "party" of the world's most developed countries is full of gunpowder, and the US Treasury Secretary, maurchin, has become a "target" and has been isolated from the rest of the six countries.

As the president of this year's G7 meeting, the Canadian Finance Minister, Monod, who chaired the meeting, had a deep friendship with Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, and was invited to Mnuchin's wedding last year. However, this time the meeting was involved in trade frictions between the two countries, and Monod said he would clearly show Mnuchin the position of the Canadian side, claiming that he might have "challenging discussions" and "strongly worded wording".

Monod, the Canadian Finance Minister, said that I have a good relationship with Mnuchin, but I still have to find the opportunity to express our strong position to him, what they do is not constructive. From any point of view, the United States regards Canada as a security threat is a ridiculous idea.

Lemerre, the French finance minister, said that because of the tariff problem, the US finance minister, Mnuchin, was isolated at this year's meeting. This year's meeting was like "the group of six countries plus a United States with against everyone." Lemerre also said he would show Mnuchin that the US tariffs were "unacceptable in law, politically unjust and economically dangerous".
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