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China Will Take Measures To Prevent Blind Growth In The Electric Vehicle Industry

According to reports, China Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng Wei said that at present, the technology level of new energy vehicles is rapidly increasing and the market scale is gradually expanding, but the phenomenon of blind development has also appeared.

At present, the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the development of the new energy auto industry, because new energy vehicles can not only reduce the air pollution caused by the traditional internal combustion engine, but also improve China's high-tech influence.

But experts warn that the new energy vehicle industry is facing the risk of overcapacity. As of the end of March, more than 102 companies have produced 355 different types of pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

According to Meng Wei, in this context, it is very necessary for China to strengthen the responsibility of enterprise main body and government supervision, standardize and guide the investment behavior of market subject, strengthen technological innovation and enterprise cooperation, and prevent blind construction and disorderly development.

According to the data of the NDRC, sales of new energy vehicles in China were 328 thousand in the first five months of this year, up 141.6% from the same period last year. By the end of last year, the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 1 million 800 thousand vehicles, more than half of the global total.

China's national development and Reform Commission has cancelled nearly 2000 design tax incentives for electric vehicles so as to streamline the industry and curb irrational investment. The NDRC is also working with relevant departments to encourage all kinds of market participants to compete fairly, to support enterprises to cooperate, to strengthen supervision and management according to law, and to jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of new energy vehicles.
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