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201 Cold Rolled: 

Stainless steel mills continue to maintain the price of yesterday. The mainstream market price in USD1280-1300/MT, Yesterday afternoon some mills pulled up slightly, but affected by the transaction limit, eventually return to USD1280/MT.

304 Cold Rolled: 

The price is down about USD15-20/MT compared to yesterday, and it stays at USD2020-2205/MT. Although a slight rise in the afternoon yesterday, but the number of transactions did not reach the expectation, resulting in the final return to the original price, the overall transaction performance in general.

430 Cold Rolled: 

Today, TISCO's 430 cold rolled price is the same as yesterday, the price of USD1360-1400/MT. The price of steel mill is stable, and it does not follow the market price. However, the recent falling prices hit the market's confidence, and the price war began.
In summary, the price of stainless steel is difficult to rise in the short term.

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