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304 Stainless Steel Coil

At present, the heating method used in the stainless steel reactors on the market is generally heating the electric resistance wire, and the heat is transmitted to the cylinder or the reaction kettle through the contact conduction method. Only the heat inside the barrel or the surface of the reactor can be reached. Transfer to the cylinder or reactor, so that most of the heat from the outside is lost to the air, there is a loss of heat conduction, and the ambient temperature rises.
In addition, resistance wire heating has a disadvantage that the power density is low, and it cannot be adapted in some heating applications that require higher temperatures.
304l stainless steel coil technology is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction so that the stainless steel reactor itself heat, and according to the specific circumstances in the reactor outside the package of a certain thickness of thermal insulation material, which greatly reduces the loss of heat, improve the thermal efficiency, so power saving effect is very significant, up to 30% to 75%.
Because the electromagnetic heating coil itself does not generate heat, and is made of insulating materials and high-temperature cables, there is no problem that the resistance wire of the original electric coil is oxidized at a high temperature to shorten the service life, and has a long service life and a rapid heating rate. , no need for maintenance, etc., reduce maintenance time and reduce costs. Now it has been used by a large number of chemical, food, and pharmaceutical product companies, greatly reducing the company's production costs.
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