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Stainless Steel Coil
Stainless Steel Sheets (0.05mm-8mm)
Stainelss Steel Plate (1.2mm-200mm)
Stainless Steel Strip (0.05mm-10mm)
Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets
Stainless Steel Bar & Wire
Advantages and Applications of Colored Stainless Steel Sheets
Research Says Cooking Oil Can Make Stainless Steel Surfaces Antibacterial
Canada'S First Anti Dumping Review Of China'S Steel Pile Pipe Industry Affirmed Final Damage
The European Union Carries Out Protective Tariffs On Steel
Thailand Strengthens Control Over Chinese Steel Products That Are Transported To The United States V


Huaxiao stainless steel corporation limited is one of professional stainless steel products channel provider and distributor, the main product cover all kinds of stainless steel coil/roll, sheet/sheets, plate, strip/belt/type/foil, bar, wire, tube, especially decorative sheet, as well as other customized items.

There is steady 100,000MT stainless steel regular size stock sourcing capacity in Asia market by Huaxiao

Huaxiao Metal Corporation Limited is a total metal solution provider in China, not just stainless steel products.

Huaxia International Steel Corporation Limited is main in import and export business about stainless steel, carbon, coating, aluminum ,tube/pipe etc.

Huaxiao Stainless Steel Corporation Limited (HXSS)
Huaxiao Metal Corporation Limited (HXM)
Huaxia International Steel Corporation Limited (HXIC)

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