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Characteristics of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strips

Due to the characteristics of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strips and special requirements for product quality, the cold rolling process has the following characteristics:

1. Stainless steel is a high alloy steel with large resistance to rolling deformation. In order to conduct high-efficiency and high-precision rolling, it should adopt large rigid mills and multi-roll cold rolling mills. 

2. When the strip is cold rolled on a reversing mill, the head and tail wrapped around the coiler cannot be pressed down and will be cut into scraps. In order to change this condition to increase the yield, the strip must be welded at both ends of the strip before rolling. In addition, if the rolling volume is too small, the coil must be welded in advance to improve the rolling efficiency and yield. Therefore, welding is an indispensable part of stainless steel production.

3.  During the process of stainless steel production, the raw material (hot-rolled coil) should be annealed, the cold rolling process should be annealed in the middle, and the final product should also be annealed, so annealing is an important process in the whole production. There are many kinds of stainless steel, and the different properties of steels make the purpose, method, and requirement of heat treatment different from general ones. There is a unique process system for them. 

4. Cold-rolled stainless steel is a kind of advanced steel products. Its requirement for surface quality is very strict. It does not allow not only metallurgical defects in the residual process but also the obvious defects caused by the cold rolling process. Therefore, a series of elimination and protection measures have been adopted in the production process.

5. The finishing of stainless steel is also different from that of ordinary steel. There are some special requirements. For example, the flatting process should not only improve the shape but also use the roller with a high degree of finish (except for the hemp panel); It needs to produce the smooth 2B steel plate; For ferritic steel, it is necessary to improve the forming performance of steel sheet by controlling the flat reduction (or elongation), which is actually a quenched and tempered rolling. Stainless steel, because of its hard steel and strict requirements for flatness, must be straightened with a strong straightener, and the products of different thickness often need different straightening methods. Stainless steel cold rolling products are usually delivered in two ways: rolling and cutting, and some need to be delivered separately. Therefore, the modern stainless steel cold rolling plants should be equipped with longitudinal cutting and cross-cutting units respectively.

6. The production of cold rolling stainless steel is a joint operation of multiple units. The process balance and process management are very important. It is necessary to have a powerful production scheduling system to ensure continuous quality production.

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