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Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets(0.3mm-8mm)

Sample of Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets(0.3mm-8mm)

Stainless steel perforated sheets

The stainless steel punching net is a metal mesh net made of stainless steel plate punched by a CNC punch according to a certain hole shape and mold. Stainless steel punching net, also known as round hole net, is a kind of punching net, and the material is stainless steel.

Perforated Sheets Hole Shapes
Round, oblong, square, triangular, fish scale, bridge, diamond, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, cross, nail, plum, manhole, I-shaped, and other irregularities hole.

Application about stainless steel perforated sheets
Used for environmental protection noise control barriers in traffic, municipal facilities such as highways, railways, and subways, and sound-absorbing and noise-reducing panels for building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources. Sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and wall panels of buildings, can be used for decorative staircases of balconies, balconies, environmentally-friendly tables and chairs, protective covers for mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker nets, grinding for grain, feed and mining Screens, mine screens, I-screens, stainless steel fruit baskets for kitchen equipment, food covers, fruit bowls, etc., as well as shelf nets for shopping malls, decorative exhibition stands, ventilation and ventilation nets in grain storage, football field lawn water seepage filter and many more.

All kinds of special-shaped orifice nets are used in food machinery, drying sieve plates, decorative ceilings, instrument cases, audio speakers, filter sound absorption and other equipment. Lightweight, obscure round mesh for platforms, pedals, filters and various filter valves.

Kinds of perforated sheets
Punching net, iron plate punching net, punching net screen, aluminum plate punching net, stainless steel plate punching net, circular punching net, diamond punching net, square punching net, heavy punching net, CNC punching net, punching plate, stainless steel punching plate, metal punching plate, galvanized punching plate, mesh punching plate, aluminum plate punching plate, CNC punching plate, square hole punching plate, Iron plate punching plate, closing net, quick and easy closing net, etching net, etching steel net, etching net, stainless steel etching net, metal etching net, garbage tube orifice plate, heavy punching plate, Stainless steel round hole net, coiled round hole net
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