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NO.8 Stainless Steel sheets

Sample of NO.8 Stainless Steel sheets

Description of NO.8 mirror stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel mirror sheet, also called the mirror sheet directly, By polishing the stainless steel sheet surface with polishing liquid through the polishing equipment, so that the sheet brightness as clear as a mirror.

Application of NO.8 stainless steel sheet

mainly used in Star hotels, shopping malls, gorgeous clubs, colorful bar, luxury KTV, luxury showcase and other decoration. Can be used as hall walls, ceilings, car panels, car plate, building decoration, signs and other decorative purposes, color NO.8 stainless steel sheet is generally used on the decorative wall. Usually include grade, 316 stainless steel mirror sheet, 316L stainless steel mirror sheet, 304 stainless steel mirror sheet, 301 stainless steel mirror sheet, 201 stainless steel mirror sheet.

NO.8 or mirror sheet classification

Common mirror stainless steel is divided into 6K, 8K, 10K. Also called ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super 10K.  , 10K mirror is  brighter and the thicker the more difficult to process and with higher cost. 

NO.8 sheet become more popular especially color NO.8 sheet

The widespread use of 8K mirror sheet in the consumer market has become a trend because of its apparent performance over a longer period of time than coated low carbon steel and with higher recycling values over long periods of use with low life-cycle costs, Cost-effective is obvious. PVD vacuum ion coating technology coloring, the resulting color of the life of the surface almost the same life as the basic stainless steel, not only give full play to the advantages of stainless steel, but also to the beautiful appearance of color to add to the fun of life, 8K mirror panel has become Stainless steel series of beautiful clusters; 8K mirror panel types of black titanium mirror panels, Japan gold mirror panels, rose gold mirror panels, titanium mirror panels, blue gemstone panels, brown mirror panels, brown mirror panels, purple mirror panels , Bronze mirror panels, bronze mirror panels, champagne gold mirror panels, purple mirror panels, burgundy mirror panels, titanium dioxide mirror panels, green mirror panels, black rose mirror panels, colorful mirror panels, green mirror panels.
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