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NO.4 Stainless Steel Sheets

Sample of NO.4 Stainless Steel Sheets

The common methods of the stainless steel wire drawing process are mainly divided into three types: straight silk pattern (HL), nylon vein, and snow pattern (NO.4), which are also common three types.

1. Straight silk ( Hair Line ) thread is the uninterrupted grain from top to bottom. Generally, the workpiece of the fixed wire drawing machine can be moved back and forth.

2. The nylon pattern is composed of different lengths and lengths. Because the nylon wheel is soft in texture, it can grind uneven parts and reach the nylon pattern.

3, snow pattern( NO.4 ) is now the most popular one, composed of a little bit of specifications, can be achieved with insect-like sandpaper.

The drawing process is very particular in the application of stainless steel, and the application and process are required. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to repair and restore the wire drawing process equipment to produce the final effect, and the overall drawing effect.

The surface of the cylinder can only be applied to the lathe or grinder. It only requires surface treatment. It can be clamped with special abrasives and then the upper lathe is polished with sandpaper and cloth strip. If the precision and surface roughness are high, the grinding machine is required. Polished.

When the surface is drawn, the raw material sheet is generally treated only. After the surface of the original board is made of NO.4 (snowflake) or HL (brushed), the finished product is processed (die, deep drawing, etc.). After the general processing method, the finished product can retain the surface effect of the original board.

Straight oil: It should mean oil straight wire, drawing after oil grinding, the surface of the ink is brighter after the ink, and then a layer of wire drawing, which is a type of frosting, also belongs to the surface treatment, now has a full roll of ink drawn Compared with ordinary wire drawing, the oil-grinding straight wire has the advantages of clear brushed texture, neat texture, good gloss and excellent overall effect, and is widely used in elevator decoration and other equipment with high surface requirements.
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