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HL Stainless Steel Sheets

Sample of HL Stainless Steel Sheets

Description of HL stainless steel sheets

  • HL stainless steel, the full name is hairline stainless steel, also be called brushed stainless steel, stainless steel matte, there are many kinds of names. In fact is a stainless steel surface treatment. 
  • Generally named, the hairline and brushed is the similar concept, in stainless steel field called HL, is a long grain, Widely be used in machinery and equipment/elevator board and more.
  • HL finish usually be ground as 150# - 320# abrasive paper, the detail grind # can be select by actual application requirement as customer, the grinds way include dry polish, oil polish, and the popular way is oiled polish with better effect, even the oiled way with high cost. 

HL and NO.4 stainless steel sheets

  • Sometimes we call NO.4 as snowflake sand, it is a short pattern compare to HL, NO.4 widely be used in kitchen equipment. 
  • It can identify easy by eyes between HL and NO.4 but seemed a little difficult for layman. 

Features about HL stainless steel sheets and application

  • Hairline stainless steel sheets  because of its decorative effect and corrosion resistance are far superior to ordinary stainless steel, its wear resistance, scratch resistance, scrub resistance is also very strong, Machinability and other aspects of performance are as common as stainless steel, so, It will become a substitute for ordinary stainless steel products and enter into all industries that use stainless steel. 
  • The basic hairline stainless steel seems normal compared to the colored hairline stainless steel, so suitable and widely used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decoration. 

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