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BA Stainless Steel Coil

Sample of BA Stainless Steel Coil

Description of BA stainless steel coil

  • BA surface is a special finish, like mirror finish but not bright enough to mirror.
  • Bright annealing also be called as brilliant annealing, is to anneal the products in a confined space slowly cooling at least 500 degrees, then make the products natural cooling still in the enclosed space, after that to get the brightness and beautiful surface, and without causing decarburization situation.

Purpose and advantage of BA stainless steel coil processing

  • 1, To eliminate work hardening, to obtain the satisfactory metallographic structure. When the use of different performance requirements, the microstructure of the bright annealed after the request is different, bright heat treatment process is also different.
  • 2, Access to non-oxide bright, good corrosion resistance of the surface. Since bright annealing heats the product surface under a protective atmosphere of a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, a non-oxidized and bright surface is obtained by strictly controlling the atmosphere in the furnace, in particular, purity, residual oxygen and dew point. Compared with the surface obtained by ordinary annealing and pickling, the chromium-depleted surface of the strip is reduced due to the absence of the oxidation process, and the corrosion resistance is better than that of the 2B plate after polishing.
  • 3, The bright processing Maintain the finish of the rolling surface, can no longer be processed to obtain a shiny surface. Due to the bright annealing, the coil or sheet surface retains its original metallic luster and has been obtained with a shiny surface close to the mirror surface, it can to be used directly without another machining, for general requirements.
  • 4, Can make a special rolling pattern surface strip or coil. As the annealing process, there is no change in the surface of steel, the surface can be completely retained the pattern, you can easily design special cold-rolled strip or coil.
  • 5, there is no pollution caused by ordinary pickling method. After annealing the strip does not require pickling or similar treatment, do not use a variety of chemical substances such as acids, there are no pollution problems caused by pickling.
  • 6, To achieve the control of the stainless steel coil straightness. Because the design of the bright annealing furnace allows sub-section adjustment along the width of the strip or coil, the on-line control of the sheet can be realized by adjusting the cooling rate in the width direction of the strip by the air flow diversion.
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